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Everhot Cookers

"We love Everhot cookers. They’re made in Gloucestershire and their highly controllable electric models are very impressive."

"An Everhot electric range cooker has very low running costs and other modern heating features such as controllable grills which make them very unique range cookers." Matthew

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Multiple Everhot Model and Colour Options

Dive into a range of models that promise something special for every kitchen. From the compact grace of the 60 Series to the robust versatility of the 150i, Everhot offers a palette of possibilities. 

There are a whole host of colour options to choose from for your Everhot electric range cooker. From bold to pastel, matte to glossy, select a colour that reflects your kitchen's personality.

Seamless Installation

We know a new cooker is a big decision. That's why we ensure the process is smooth from start to finish. Depending on your location within the UK, we can deliver and install your Everhot cooker within 8-10 weeks.

The Everhot cooker is much easier to install than other range cookers, thanks to its simple plug installation and no flue requirements.

Everhot also offer a 2 years' parts and labour warranty for 24 months following purchase – with heating elements covered for 5 years (parts and labour).

Hardly Any Wasted Heat

An Everhot electric range cooker boasts an impressive efficiency level,thanks to its design that eliminates the need for a flue. This means virtually all the energy consumed is utilised for cooking, with minimal heat loss to the exterior.

As a 'Heat-Storage' cooker, the Everhot gradually reaches its optimal temperature, typically taking between 2 to 3 hours to warm from a cold start to full cooking heat.

Buy an Everhot Electric Range Cooker

"You’ll benefit from the usual excellent Blake & Bull customer service and warranty to complement your cooker."Not sure where to start? Contact our friendly team today and we can talk you through the best Everhot cooker for you."

"Blake & Bull is my life's work, I'm unashamedly proud of it. I'd love you to choose us. Learn a little of our story."

Matthew, founder