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Everhot 150i Electric Range Cooker

The Everhot 150i has a huge cast iron hot plate and four ovens along with modern induction cooking features. The "i" in the model name represents the addition of a three-zone induction hob, which is separately controlled and ideal for quick cooking tasks.

  • Four multi-functional ovens and one control panel behind the cast iron doors.
  • Top left oven max temp 250°C with 2.5kW full size grill element. Heats up to roasting temperature in 30 minutes using boost mode. Oven dimensions 39.5cm wide, 29cm high, 49cm deep.
  • Bottom left oven max temp 200°C. Heats up to max temperature in 3 hours. Oven dimensions 39.5cm wide, 29cm high, 47cm deep.
  • Bottom right simmering oven. Max temperature 120°C and heats up within an hour. Oven dimensions 39.5cm x 29cm x 47cm.
  • Top right warming oven. Not heated directly but useful when bottom oven is on for warming plates, proving bread etc. Oven dimensions 39.5cm wide, 14cm high, 50cm deep.
  • Large cast iron hotplate under easy lift lid. 40cm wide x 35.5cm deep split into two different sized zones (60/40). You control each zone independently to a maximum temperature of 350°C. If the left zone is at max temp though the right zone will still be at simmering temp even if off. Left zone is 22.5cm wide, right zone is 17.5cm wide. Heat up to max temp from cold 40 minutes, from ECO 20 minutes.
  • Three-zone induction hob under easy lift lid. Controlled via buttons on the hob itself.
  • Heat to the room. Approximately 700watts hourly (0.6kWh) when ovens at full cooking temperature.
  • Electricity consumption. 85-100kWh per week.
  • Optional chrome pack. Chromed towel rail, towel rail brackets, door hinges, door pins and dummy door catches.
  • Optional Westin cooker hood in matching size/colour. Speak to the team to enquire.
  • Power supply. Needs just two single 13amp normal plug sockets to the side of the cooker.
  • Weight. An Everhot 150i weighs approximately 500kg.

Covered by a 2-year parts and labour warranty with heating elements covered for 5 years (parts and labour).

Drawing of Matthew from Blake & Bull - our range cooker expert  "We love Everhot cookers, very Blake & Bull! Made in Gloucestershire, sustainable and traditional. These are not a second choice to an Aga cooker. They are a gentle heat range cooker with proper radiant heat cooking." Matthew (learn a little more of our story)

Delivery Time & Costs

Delivery is to the UK mainland only. Your Everhot cooker will be delivered and installed within 8-10 weeks.

Delivery costs £360 inc VAT for 60 and 90 series Everhot cookers. All other models cost £480 inc VAT.

Cooker Dimensions

Classic Everhot Cooker Hood by Westin

Complement your cooker with an eye-catching range extractor built by cooker hood specialists, Westin.

Each range cooker hood is hand-built to match your cooker colour and size.

Made from high-grade stainless steel, these stylish extractor hoods are packed with modern features such as adjustable lighting and dishwasher-safe filters.

Sleek Modern Finish with the Chrome Pack

An optional chrome pack brings a distinctive style to your Everhot cooker.

The chrome on these cookers is applied in the same Midlands factory that supplies some of the world's top car brands.

The Chrome pack includes a chrome towel rail, towel rail brackets and door hinges.

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