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How it all began....

"Hello! I'm Matthew and I run Blake & Bull. I'm from a family who have farmed just outside Bradford-on-Avon since 1845 and a graduate of King's College London. After mucking about in fields for so long the traditional graduate options didn't appeal so I started learning more about Aga range cookers. I started with cleaning them and everything grew from there."

"Blake & Bull offer a number of services for Aga range cookers, sell accessories on our online store and even sell fully reconditioned Aga range cookers. We are immensely proud our 10,000+ positive reviews and loyal customers."

Blake & Bull originals

"I'm not shy about the fact I like nice things. I love making all types of range cookers look beautiful and creating fabulous things to go with them. The only way we can make such fantastic high-quality products like our hob covers (and they really are fantastic!) is by selling them directly to our lovely customers."

"Everything we sell is super high quality but we are particularly proud of the wide range of products exclusive to Blake & Bull. These are our own designs and made to the highest standards almost entirely in the UK."

"You won't find Blake & Bull originals in the shops or from other sellers online; they are available only directly from us. This is so that we can make sure you get only the best customer service when you buy a Blake & Bull product."

 >> Browse our range of Blake & Bull originals including hob covers & textilesdrying racks and roasting tins.

services - before and after

Expert Services for Aga Range Cookers

Aga range cookers are a timeless piece of engineering that will last a lifetime (and beyond!) if looked after correctly.

We restore, replenish and rejuvenate these beautiful beasts, offering a number of specialist services including:

> Selling fully refurbished Aga range cookers

> Converting Aga range cookers to electric

> Re-enamelling

> Removal and Dismantling

> Mini-refurb/deep cleans

For those of you handy with a spanner, we also offer DIY kits and various spare parts to help rejuvenate your cooker.

The Blake & Bull Community

"We have created quite a community of passionate range cooker owners over the years, many thousands on Facebook now and many more on our mailing list."

"Whether you need to learn a tasty new recipe; troubleshoot a common issue; or just get your daily fix of adorable pictures of pets + range cookers, there's something for you in our community!"

"We love to use their collective knowledge when creating new products and will often ask for help! Members of the mailing list also get exclusive access to our pre-order special offers when we launch new products - more are coming soon!" Matthew