Adjustable plinth for use with Aga range cooker - fitting guide

Our adjustable plinths are designed to be used on a level and non-combustible base with gas, oil, or 13amp Aga range cookers.

  1. If required join the plinths supplied together, applies to options with hot cupboards (4 oven cookers). Use the supplied bolts in holes X & Y. Do not overtighten to avoid distortion. 
  2. Use a flat head screwdriver to adjust the slotted shafts of the feet to eliminate rocking and use a spirit level to ensure the plinth is suitable level. The plinth cannot be adjusted after the cooker is built, level it first!
  3. Once the base is level install the base plate of the cooker ensuring the correct orientation. During the build ensure the base plate is in the correct position at all times, adjust before the built cooker becomes too heavy! 

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