Servicing & repairs of Aga range cookers in Devon


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Two so far! Both of these are independent firms but Carl at Range Experts did work for Garton King, official Aga range cooker distributors, in Exeter for 10 years prior to starting his own business.

  • PJ Shields - Oil Boiler Specialist (Service, repair & maintenance of Aga range cookers in the Tavistock area) tel: 01822 614664. {I met this chap at a job in Tavistock and he seemed a nice chap; I can't vouch for him beyond that! Matthew}
  • Range Experts (Service, repair & maintenance of Aga & Rayburn range cookers in Devon; particularly Exeter area) tel: 01392 427641. {I've chatted to this chap, Carl, on the phone and he seems very professional! Matthew}

If you are an engineer who works on Aga range cookers and would like to apply for inclusion in our directory, please send through your company information to