We've built an extraordinary reputation. We mean to keep it.

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"... a top class service. Great communications, slick organisation, friendly and helpful staff
and the removal team were fast, professional and left the site clean." Elaine Stephenson, Google Review, February 2023

Specialist equipment, training and insurance

We take removing Aga cookers just as seriously as installing them. We have a dedicated team, specialist equipment and the right training to deal safely with the asbestos present in older cookers. We cover southern and central England & Wales for Aga removals.

Jesse and Lewis are our removals technicians. They have a specially equipped vehicle and are always smiling! They dismantle carefully and remove piece by piece to avoid any damage to floors or doors.

Once your Aga has been dismantled we can dispose of it for you, leaving the parts neatly stacked on a pallet with you or removing for recycling.

To book in click below or call 01225 541006.

How much does Aga removal cost?

  • To remove for recycling cookers installed since 1974. 2 oven £495 + VAT. 4 oven £695 + VAT.
  • To remove for recycling cookers installed before 1974. 2 oven £695 + VAT. 4 oven £995 + VAT.
  • If you would like the dismantled parts neatly stacked on a pallet and left with you this is an additional £200 + VAT.
  • If you would like a concrete plinth removed this is an additional £200 + VAT.

Prices include travel, industrial dust extraction, specialist handling and disposal of asbestos waste and all the materials required to safely store or transport the cooker.

How much mess will this make?!

We have two super specialist machines to keep the mess made dismantling and removing your Aga to an absolute minimum.

First we have a big brute on our side! These vacuums are capable of emptying an Aga of its insulation in minutes. It's expensive and needs a lot of maintenance but we couldn't do a professional job without it.

Secondly we have portable dust extraction units. Powerful fans suck dust into collapsible tunnels that lead outside your house.

The less mess we make, the less we have to clean up. It's quite the motivator!

We do not remove Agas whole

Your Aga range cooker will be patiently disassembled into its constituent parts. We work methodically and professionally and can remove any cooker from any kitchen, new or old, without damaging anything around it.

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We've built an extraordinary reputation over 20 years, thousands of cookers and hundreds of thousands of orders. We mean to keep it.

"...the thought that went into it was a pleasure to see and filled me confidence on the day." Tony Banner, Google Review, February 2023

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