AGA turkey roasting times

First things first, don't roast your bird straight from the fridge. You need to conserve your AGA's cooking abilities; there is a lot to cook on Christmas day! Let the turkey come up to room temperature slowly in a cool room over a few hours before roasting. If you need more tips on making sure your AGA copes with cooking christmas dinner then check out our 'Christmas dinner on the AGA tips'.

Slow cooked birds taste best and making use of the simmering oven on your Aga while using the roasting oven for roast potatoes etc is the most efficient way of cooking your Christmas dinner. 

To bring the turkey quickly up to safe temperature though (60 degrees celsius) first pop the turkey in it's roasting tin (rubbed in loads of butter of course!) on the floor of the top/roasting oven. Leave it uncovered for now and leave it for an hour or until it starts to brown, don't let it burn!

Before you transfer the turkey in it's tin to the lower oven use tin foil to tent the bird, leave a nice big air gap between turkey and bird. Once transferred cook the turkey in the simmering oven for 50mins per kg. Make sure you test the internal temperature of the turkey before serving, it should be around 80-85 degrees celsius.


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