Blake and Bull Christmas Gift Guide

Beginner or Pro, what do you know!? We have the perfect gift solution for the chef in your life. Below you'll find gift lists for all different types of chefs plus a few practical options! Follow the links to buy online or give us a call on 01225 541006 and we'll pop your order through for you. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Pro Chef

The professional chef knows their way around the kitchen, they need cookware that is adaptable, tough and resilient. A cookbook stand that is heavy enough to take the heftiest of cookery tomes! A professional quality textiles set that is soft and tough. The only pan that they will ever need! A dream of a pan that flexes easily between stove and oven with a quick release handle that will last a lifetime!

Shown here -

  1. Cast iron recipe book stand
  2. Textile gift set for use with Aga range cookers - 'Professional'
  3. The best frying pan for use on range cookers
  4. Spun iron baking cloche
  5. Maple end grain chopping board


    The Everyday Chef

    The everyday chef needs hard working useful tools that are as industrious as they are! They enjoy to create meals for others and to see them gobbled up. 

    Shown here -  

    1. Re-Seasoning flax oil
    2. Full Monty Dotty textiles set
    3. The family farmhouse kettle
    4. Hardwood chopping board
    5. Cast iron trivet
    6. Scented wax melt
    7. Iron pizza peel


      The Champion of Breakfast Makers!

      Quite territorial about the range when its fry-up time, this chef takes charge and has systems in place for the perfect brunch & breakfast experience! They make the morning meal an event and excel on weekends! 

      Shown here -  

      1. Vitreous enamel coffee pot
      2. Vitreous enamel teapot
      3. A full monty Chicken set exclusive to Blake & Bull
      4. Steel grey toast rack
      5. Butter dish
      6. The best breakfast & brunch Knife (coming soon!)
      7. Juice jug
      8. Fits on runners baking tray


        The Chief Roaster!

        The chief is not fazed by an 8 strong guestlist for Sunday lunch, and is happiest when the kitchen, range cooker, and dining room are full! 

        Shown here -  

        1. An apron to keep their Sunday best, best.
        2. The only roasting pot you will ever need
        3. A pro-meat thermometer
        4. An accurate oven thermometer
        5. Stainless steel meat lifting fork
        6. Fits on runners roasting dish
        7. A meat rack
        8. A non-stick liner


          The 'New to Range Cooking' Chef!

          Maybe they have just inherited a range cooker with a house move or have been gifted one? Maybe they have treated themselves after dreaming of one for years? We have all the products to set them up for success. Some of these products are included in our Starter Set, especially pulled together for the keen beginner! 

          Shown here -  

          1. A towel to hang from the rail
          2. A toaster (also comes with our starter set)
          3. 'S' hooks (also comes with our starter set)
          4. A whistling kettle
          5. Cookbooks from 'The Cast Iron Lady'
          6. A wax melt
          7. A cold shelf (also comes with our starter set)


          The gift you'll need to balance with a bottle of something nice!..

          Not the most romantic of gifts, but certainly the most useful, and is sure to be used long after a bottle of perfume or a decanter of the favourite plonk is enjoyed! So our advice is do give a drying rack, or even a drying rack set, but add on a little extra romantic gift too! 💐 😉