All the information we can muster on how to have a successful Christmas with your range cooker!"OK here we go again with Christmas, the whole team stand ready to help! If you are cooking at scale or just for two hopefully there will be something here useful for you (genuinely was not trying to make that rhyme!).   

The basic tips and checklist are important; you may need to adjust your cooking technique for a large meal made for many mouths. Pace yourself and your range cooker; they are marathon runners not sprinters! 

This year we have added a pretty comprehensive suite of recipes specifically for your Aga range cooker, we even have a special guide to roasting your Turkey in a 'Total Control' Aga range cooker. Some are blog posts from Sarah Whitaker, the wonderful Aga range cooker lady, and some are from me. Got a question? E-mail me now and if I can't answer it Sarah will. We'll add to the below to benefit everyone! Have a wonderful joyous Christmas!" Matthew