Plinths for use with Aga range cookers; dimensions and information

OK so plinths are not totally essential for Aga range cookers but most do have them to raise the surface of the hob level with the worktops. Later models like 'TC', 'DC' and 'City' cookers have them built in so do check! 

A 'Standard' cooker is 850mm high and a 'Deluxe' 840mm. Subtract these measurements from the height of your worktop to establish the plinth heigh required. 

Width wise the plinth should be the same as the base of the cooker. 2 oven models are 987mm wide and 4 oven models 1487mm wide.

For plinth depth 'Standard' cookers require 665mm from the back wall and 'Deluxe cookers 679mm. If you plan on tiling the front of the  plinth then reduce these measurements by the thickness of the tiles you have chosen.

Plinths for Aga range cookers can be made of any non-combustible material but in practice are almost always concrete. They must be smooth and completely level.

If your existing floor is sufficiently strong and non-combustible (like a concrete screed for example) then it is much easier to use our adjustable ready made plinths. These can raise the cooker 50-65mm and can be easily levelled. Much easier than getting the a concrete plinth perfect! Our adjustable plinths are suitable for gas, oil and 13amp electric Aga range cookers. They are not suitable for 30amp 'night storage' cookers.

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