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eControl vs Electrikit Aga range cookers

Two different systems, eControl and Electrikit power our reimagined Aga range cookers and those we convert in situ. They are quite different, we'll take the time to find the right system for you.

eControl uses a bigger electric cable (32amp) than Electrikit (13amp x 2), so can heat its various components up a bit quicker with larger elements. That makes it a slightly harder job for your electrician to prepare the supply pre installation or conversion. It doesn't use any more power though. Imagine it takes 4 units of electricity to heat some metal to 200°C. eControl will deliver those units in about a third less time than Electrikit. Same amount of power and heat, slightly less time.

In terms of control Electrikit gives you precise temperature control of the top roasting oven via a digital display {0-280℃}. The lower oven is approx 60°C cooler than that set for the top oven. eControl by contrast gives you control over top and bottom ovens but via a simple dial - no digital display. 

Visually the only difference between the two systems is that the hotplates are slightly larger on eControl vs Electrikit. They dispense with the expansion rings for a slightly more modern look. The control panel of eControl is similarly more modern. A sleek black panel vs the more utilitarian yet charming look of Electrikit.

We have converted more cookers with Electrikit than eControl but offer the same warranty on both. We've done our research and both systems are robust and reliable. 

If you are finding this confusing then don't worry, you can't make a bad choice! Give us a call and , we are always happy to chat! 

Give us a call on 01225 541006 or email hello@blakeandbull.co.uk. We'll take you through it carefully and patiently

Alex & Emma are our dedicated team. If they're busy then Katy (conversions boss) or even Matthew (founder of Blake & Bull) may respond.

We're open 9-5 and you'll almost always get a detailed response in an hour or two!

Aga cooker converted with Electrikit by Blake & Bull