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eControl vs Electrickit Aga range cookers

Two different systems, eControl Series X and Electrickit power our reimagined Aga range cookers and those we convert in situ. We'll take the time to find the right system for you. 

eControl uses a bigger electric supply (32amp for 2/4 ovens, 40amp for 3 ovens) than Electrickit (2 x 13amp), so can heat its various components quicker with larger elements. That makes it a slightly harder job for your electrician to prepare the supply pre installation or conversion. It doesn't use any more power though. Imagine it takes 4 units of electricity to heat some metal to 200°C. eControl will deliver those units in about a third less time than Electrickit. Same amount of power and heat, slightly less time.

In terms of control Electrickit gives you temperature control of the top roasting oven via a digital display {0-280℃}. See picture at bottom of page. The lower oven is approx 60°C cooler than that set for the top oven.

eControl electric Aga range cooker control panel

eControl by contrast gives you control over all cast iron ovens with digital temperature readouts. These are target temperatures, exact temps may vary a little {+/- a few ℃} as we use original cast iron ovens. 

Visually the only difference between the two systems is that the hotplates are slightly larger on eControl vs Electrickit. They dispense with the expansion rings for a slightly more modern look made of engineered steel rather than cast iron. The control panel of eControl is similarly more modern. A sleek black panel vs the more utilitarian yet charming look of Electrickit. 

With both systems best practice is to to turn the hotplates off or down before closing the lids, eControl has a higher 'starting temperature' from that resting state. 

Only eControl has optional upgrades.

We have converted more cookers with Electrickit than eControl but we've done our research and both systems are robust and reliable. 

Only Blake & Bull offer a 5 year warranty, on both systems, directly. We'd like you to shop with us for decades, you are more important to us than a single conversion or installation. It's why every job must be perfect.

If you are finding this confusing then don't worry, you can't make a bad choice! 

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Aga cooker converted with Electrikit by Blake & Bull