'Electrikit'; a mature electric conversion system for use with Aga range cookers


'Electrikit' is a mature system that has been thoroughly tested over many years and is supported by a professional firm, based in Devon, of longstanding good reputation. This is important to us as we take responsibility directly for fixing any problems. We wouldn't install anything if it meant lots of follow up calls! Philip, our engineer, spent 10 years as an electrical engineer with Hotpoint before joining us; he knows his electrics! 

Thorough testing and many successful installations mean that any kinks have long since been ironed out. All parts of the system are very robust and long lived but if something should go wrong then the careful design means that individual parts can be replaced by any competent electrician even if outside our 2 year parts & labour warranty. No need to wait for specialists or for servicing and we sell a full range of spare parts.


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Shotblasted Aga range cooker prior to conversion to electric