Evelyn's marvellous Marrow & Apple Autumn Preserve recipe


We love it when you range loving industrious lot share your top tips with us, here is Evelyn's Marvellous Marrow Preserve - a perfect¬†sticky delight¬†to hoard away for a Christmas cheeseboard!¬†ūüćé

You may need...


  • Marrow
  • Apples (great to use windfalls or bruised)
  • Equivalent¬†weight of Jam Sugar to your marrow weight
  • Stem or fresh ginger to taste

Right, lets get cooking!

  1. your marrow needs to be finely diced, sit overnight in the same weight of jam sugar, and crystallised ginger (or fresh)
  2. The next day, heat your marrow slowly and cook for a while until the marrow softens then add as many chopped apples as you like.
  3. When the apples soften bring to a rolling boil.
  4. Test for setting point, if not set boil up again for about three minutes which you may have to repeat until you are happy it will set.
  5. Put into warm sterilised jars and cover.


  • You can check the consistency¬†and setting point by pulling your spoon across¬†the base of the pan, the two sides of chutney should not immediately¬†meet. Or pop a bit on a chilled plate to see if it 'sets' after a short while.¬†
  • You can sterilise your jars in a dishwasher, no need to boil on the range top.