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How Often Should You Service an Aga Range Cooker?

Aga range cookers are designed to last for generations – but they need to be looked after correctly to keep them working efficiently.


How often you should service your Aga range cooker depends on the fuel type/model of cooker, with our recommendations below.


Gas Aga range cookers

Every 12 months by our qualified gas engineers. 

30-amp electric Aga range cookers


Electrical safety and operation should be checked every 12 months. 

Total Control and Dual Control Aga range cookers


An interim service every 2 - 3 years and a full service every 5 years.

Blake & Bull electric Aga range cookers, (whether converted or Blake & Bull remanufactured)


Servicing not required.

Aga 60  Electric range cookers, eR3 Series, eR7 & R7 series 

Servicing not required. 

Oil Aga range cookers


Every 6 -12 months depending on performance!

Dual Fuel Aga 60 range cookers


Every 12 months.


How often should Agas be serviced?