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How Often Should You Service an Aga Range Cooker?

Aga range cookers are designed to last for generations – but they need to be looked after correctly to keep them working efficiently.

The best way to do this is to have your Aga range cooker regularly serviced by an experienced technician. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can also consider a ‘DIY service’ – with 20% of Aga range cooker owners preferring this way according to our 2019 survey.

We don't offer Aga range cooker servicing, but we do have a handy map of engineers across the UK

Our owners' survey found that the majority (51.5%) service their cookers once a year, as you can see in the graphic below:

How often do you service your Aga range cooker?


The real gauge of how often you should service your Aga range cooker depends on the fuel type/model of cooker, with our recommendations below:   


Gas Aga range cookers

It's best to get these serviced every 12 months by a qualified gas engineer.

30-amp electric models


Electrical safety and operation should be checked every 12 months. 

13-amp electric models


The’ Total Control’ and the ‘Dual Control’ need an interim service every 2 - 3 years and a full service every 5 years.

Blake & Bull ‘Electrikit’ Converted Aga Range Cookers



Read more about our electric conversion service and fully refurbished cookers.

Aga 60  Electric range cookers, eR3 Series, eR7 & R7 series 

Servicing not required. 

Oil Aga Range cookers


Every 6 -12 months depending on performance!

You will also need to consider cleaning the flue regularly. Solid fuel cookers need their internal flue ways to be cleaned every month, and connecting flue pipes every six months. The main chimney also needs to be swept every year.

Dual Fuel Aga 60 Range Cookers


Every 12 months.


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