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How to Choose your Model of 'eCook' Reconditioned Aga Range Cooker

The original age of the cooker we recondition for you simply does not matter so we offer 3 models with some minor variations within. 

All have the same functionality and are equally efficient. Your choice should be based solely on how they look.

'Deluxe' cookers are most common nowadays but all the models are instantly recognisable to visitors.

If you are a history buff like me then owning a 'Standard', at up to 80 years old, that has been restored and renewed for the next 80 years has a lovely feel to it but its all up to you!

4 oven models give you extra space when needed but don't cost much more to run, if any, as you can control the warming cupboard temperature independently.

Unless you are feeding the 5000 daily you should be able to leave the left hand ovens off until needed. 


Late model (post-1974) 'Deluxe' cookers 

We offer these in 2 or 4 oven size and they have a more minimal and sleek look. The hob is flat to the back with a small 'upstand' at the rear. The 4 oven warming cupboard hob tops have a built in overlap that is part of the casting for a neat join.

Late model 'Deluxe' reconditioned Aga range cooker


Early model (pre-1974) 'Deluxe' cookers

Visually very similar to late model 'Deluxe' cookers but they have a handy raised 'hotshelf' behind the lids and optional 'airwheel' on the front for a little retro sex appeal! We only offer early model 'Deluxe' cookers in 2 oven size as the design of the join between the main section and warming cupboard on the 4 oven cookers was a bit poor! The lid hinges on these cookers have a little more play, but with their sloping front are easier to keep clean and more attractive.

Early model 'Deluxe' reconditioned Aga range cooker


'Standard' model cookers

The classic option. They have a 'busier' look, particularly on the front, with lovely chrome accents. The lids are a little heavier as they are enamelled all over but are super pretty when enamelled to match the front colour. 

Standard model reconditioned Aga range cooker