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How to Fit Wicks to Aga and Rayburn range cookers

What does an wick on an Aga range cooker do? There seems to be a lot of confusion over this! The wick is really only used to get the Aga range cooker started.

Some people imagine the wick burning all the time, like a candle, but actually once the cooker is up to temperature the oil vaporises and it is this vapour that ignites/burns. If the wick was burning directly you would need to replace them a lot! 

Wicks for range cookers

How to Change Wicks on Aga and Rayburn range cookers

Wicks are best changed with each service, simply replace them directly, align the cut outs with the places the oil crosses between each burner section.

 Other things to consider:

  • The 6" measurement on a wick is not the length of the wick itself, but the burner diameter.
  • Our wicks are pre-cut with little notches. These notches are space to line up with the holes / oil chambers. On some burners there are three on the inner ring, some there are 4, and some have 5! The notches aid the flow of your oil. They do not need to line up exactly. Once the oil has flowed, your vapour will light, and you will be cosy! 

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