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Is an 'eC' reconditioned Aga range cooker always on?

Most customers choose to run the main ovens 24/7 and use the hotplates and warming cupboard, if fitted, as required.

Leaving the ovens on gives a bit of background warmth and means they are ready when you need them. Unlike the hotplates the main ovens don't heat up quick enough to use 'on demand'. 

The beauty of the system though is that everything is so flexible. If you've cooked dinner on a Friday night and know you don't need the cooker again until Sunday lunchtime then the ovens can go off with the flick of a switch.

Turned on Sunday morning they will be ready for work by lunchtime! 

Find out more on our 'Blake & Bull reconditioned & refurbished Aga range cookers' homepage. 


On all the time?