My little sister and I!Hello! I'm Matthew and I run Blake & Bull. I'm from a family who have farmed just outside Bradford-on-Avon since 1845 and a graduate of King's College London. I decided not to follow the standard path into banking or the law after graduation and after mucking around with Agas for awhile my re-enamelling and mini-refurb services were born.

Over time Blake & Bull has evolved into an online store. First came Aga spares and DIY kits then more recently our kitchen scents and luxurious Aga hob hovers and textiles. These are all made to my own designs and more products are always on the way. If you'd like to stay up to date with these and get lots of useful tips, including 10 ways to save money running your Aga, then join our mailing list.

I run the online store and do the re-enamelling. Peter is an old friend who works independently from his home in Shropshire doing our mini-refurbs. He is married to languages tutor Alice and father to the magnificently named Wilf and Ida!


Bradford on Avon Bridal ShopI'm very lucky to be married to and working with the beautiful Sarah Jane. Sarah is a designer and together we also run Britten and The Wedding Garter Co. Britten's stunning boutique occupies the ground floor of our building in Bradford-on-Avon.

I'm not shy about the fact I like nice things. I love making Agas look beautiful and I creating fabulous things to go with them. The only way we can make such high quality products like our hob covers, and they really are!, is by selling them directly to our lovely Aga owners.

We have created quite a community of passionate Aga owners over the years, over 4000 on Facebook now and many thousands more on our mailing list. We love to use their collective knowledge when creating new products and will often ask for help! Members of the mailing list also get exclusive access to our pre-order special offers when we launch new products - more are coming soon!