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Aga Models: What's Available?

In simple terms, your choice of model will depend how far from a traditional Aga range cooker you want to go.

The cooker options for the configurator are all Blake & Bull® re-manufactured cookers, a blend of heritage and modern Aga cooker technology. We are independent Aga range cooker specialists, with a reputation we are very proud of.

Our cookers utilise the original cast iron parts of a cooker fitted with modern controllable electric systems. With 65 colour options and trim options on top, there's plenty of options to match to your home decor.

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What Other Aga Models are Available?

What makes a new Aga cooker different from a Blake & Bull Renewed heritage model?

  • New Aga cookers are delivered whole (large 5 oven models in two parts). This is done by having an integral plinth at a set height, which has a removable front plate. Once lifted off a pallet truck is used to manoeuvre the appliance into place. Blake & Bull Renewed Aga range cookers are built on site from scratch in the traditional way by our skilled engineers. It takes longer, a full day!, but it means we can install almost anywhere without issue!

  • New cookers require a dedicated 32amp electric supply. Blake & Bull Renewed Aga range cookers normally only need a 13amp supply over two spurs.

  • New cookers need more room around them, a full 10mm. This is to enable ‘in one piece’ delivery. Blake & Bull cookers need just 2-3mm as is normal for any appliance.

  • New cookers are more complex compared to a Blake & Bull model. Much like a modern car VS a faithful Land Rover; one needs a laptop and diagnostics to problem solve, the other engineering skills and a decent tool box! We've consciously avoided touch screens and high tech in favour of simplicity and reliability.

  • New cookers have different cooking functionality, with some models moving away from traditional cast ovens and hotplates. If you want a traditional Aga range cooker, seek out cast iron radiant heat ovens.

  • More ovens, and more width options. 60 - 170 cm. 1, 2, 3 or 5 ovens Sometimes with added fan oven or warming oven. Blake & Bull Renewed Aga range cookers come in 2 or 4 oven size which are 98.3cm and 148cm respectively - the size of every Aga range cooker since 1941 until recently!

Aga Types - decoding the names!

  • R = Radiant - Radiant heat all day every day - these models stay on, all day, every day. Maybe turn off seasonally.

  • ER = Everyday Radiant - a little more ambiguous this one, but essentially it means you can turn the Aga range cooker on and off, up and down, every day, as you need.

  • I = ‘i’ stands for induction plate - in place of a lidded hotplate {traditional}

  • 60/100/110 etc = This is the width of the model in cm {add 10mm for clearance}

As an example an Aga ER3 110i - is an ON/OFF Aga, with induction hot plate and is 110cm wide.

A detailed look at the Aga ER3 model range cooker

The ER3 is what you might consider to be the farthest removed aesthetically from a traditional Aga range cooker {with its cast iron removable pan drag plates in place of a full enamel hob, the induction insert, and multiple oven configurations}. A middle size one of these will cost around £10,300 before delivery, upgrades and choices.

AGA ER3 model Aga range cooker illustration


  • A - Single lid, lifting to reveal a 1 temp setting hotplate - full width, flanked by 4 removable cast iron slabs. These replace the shiny surface around the hotplate, so that you can pan drag to your heart's content!

  • B - Dials, these have multiple settings - ups and downs and control the two main left hand ovens {yes left! On a traditional Aga you would expect these on the right}

  • C - An induction plate {size variable depending on width of Aga} - touch controlled

  • D - The first time {since the release of the Deluxe in 1956} that a hob front profile has been changed, on an ER3 Aga range cooker you will see a sweeping line in the cast. The towel rail brackets are also molded aluminium and coated, not casted and enamelled. There is a little button branded badge on the ends too.

  • E - Small push button that turns the bottom right warming oven on and off.

  • F - Roasting / hot oven

  • G - Element under oven - bottom of oven is hot zone - great for pizza! Use a grid to lift things from oven base.

  • H - The badge is on the right! And behind this door is a storage oven. It may pinch a bit of heat {residual} but has no heat source of its own. Sculpted vent in top line of enamel facade. {also on R3}

  • I - Simmering/cooler oven with its own element.

  • J - Element under oven - dedicated supply allows for independent oven

  • K - Bolt on catches - nothing new here - they have been around since ‘95. But they are not found on Aga range cookers before this date, and sometimes folk do not like them as they can come loose {can only be tightened by engineer delving into Aga}

  • L - Integral plinth, part of Aga, no need for concrete plinth… but is a fixed height and part of the Aga.

A detailed look at the Aga ER7 model range cooker

Now the ER7 - this one you have a little more control over, with each oven having different temperature settings {a bit like gas marks on an old conventional cooker}. It takes a bit of getting your head around - but essentially you use the ovens zonally, reduced ‘slumber’ heat, to full pelt! This one is E {everyday on and off} R {radiant cast ovens} 7 {days a week}.

ER7 Aga range cooker
  • A - A smaller vented shroud expels vapours into the room - no need for a flue. The vented shroud is softer, shallower - more compact than on earlier models.

  • B - Hob is the more traditional Deluxe style {no sweep like the ER3 model} and controls are hidden. Branded end cap on towel rail bracket.

  • C - No temperature gauge! A little bit of nostalgia removed - you know your oven temperature by reading the manual and memorising that to the setting R1 {roasting one} R2, B1 {baking 1} and so on!

  • D - The soft and stain absorbent aluminium has been upgraded to stainless steel - watch this space with Blake & Bull Renewed Aga range cookers - on this we agree wholeheartedly - so much better!

Middle size of this model before delivery & upgrades {with an induction insert} will set you back around £16,600.



A detailed look at the Aga R3 model range cooker

If different zones and ON/OFF functions do not appeal, then you might gravitate towards the R3 {R = Radiant and 3 = 3 oven}. The sweeping hob is back though!

This model is designed to be left on and is most similar to the original Aga 13amp singular element and AIMS systems {from around 2008} - notorious for higher running costs. There is also a grill option and induction hob - which when deployed will cost more to run. If warmth, comfort and traditional all on all day ovens is what you want from your Aga, then this may be the model - but you will pay more in running costs. Maybe slightly easier to install as it runs off a 13amp supply as opposed to a bigger dedicated 32amp supply. 

R3 Aga rane cooker
  • A - The shallow shiny chrome that has been a feature of deluxe models since ‘74

  • B - Dials, these have multiple settings - ups and downs and control the two main left hand ovens {yes left! On a traditional Aga you would expect these on the right} and the fan oven if you extend the Aga beyond the 110cm model

  • C - Sweeping hob, the majority being shiny cast iron enamelled in vitreous enamel.

  • D - coated cast {but not enamel} 4 removal plates, raised above the cast hob profile, flanking the hotplates. Removed for cleaning with a specialist tool {supplied} - a bit of a dust catcher? But stops pan dragging marks on the shiny enamel.

  • E - Induction plate insert to the right hand side.

  • F - The cast apertures that enable you to lift out cast panels.

The medium to large models in this range also have a conventional fan oven, which offers flexibility. A middle sized model in this range {R3} before upgrades and delivery will cost you around £14,250.


A detailed look at the Aga R7 model range cooker

The next model on offer strips away some of the more complex ‘hybrid’ options, and is from the exterior more familiar territory to Aga-owning families. The R7 model is still available as a duel fuel, the cast ovens being gas. This may change over the coming months {written February ‘22} as AGA Rangemaster Ltd move away from combustion/fossil fuels.

R7 new Aga range cooker
    • A - More recognisable to most as a traditional 4 oven Aga range cooker, with a 5th oven. You can insert an induction hob into the left of the Aga where the warming plate would be.

    • B - Softer domed shroud, venting into the room.

    • C - The hob is what you would expect from an Aga Deluxe model for the purists amongst you! But there is a button insert just to the left.

    • D - Appealing to traditional Aga range cooker lovers, the badge sits back in the central position and adorns the control door. The controls are simple and like the ones found on an Aga total control model {now superseded}

    • E - Like all new models the plinth is integral - this size model would be delivered in new parts.

    • F - Branded end caps and the familiar soft edge and widening bevel of a deluxe hob.

 A 5 oven in the R7 model will be a £14,525 investment before delivery, induction plate and upgrades.


That's a whistle stop tour of new Aga models available (last updated February 2022). Of course there are 60cm standalone models, modules with gas hobs that ‘cuddle’ the left of the 3 & 5 models as well as the ranges covered in this article. We hope this information has un-muddied the waters a little and that you now feel better placed to make your choice!

At Blake & Bull we do things a little differently with our renewed heritage Aga range cooker range. More info about buying Aga cookers here.