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No flue required. Venting from 'eCook' reconditioned Aga range cookers

No flue is required although our 'Electrikit' powered 'eC' cookers can be room vented, it is after all just hot air! We recommend external venting of the ovens. 

It is best to site your cooker on an outside wall so we can vent it as shown below. It's a simple copper pipe going straight out the back - no flue through the roof required! 

ecook electric aga range cookers

You can see in the first picture a 28mm copper pipe exits the rear left corner of the top oven. With two 90 degree angles it then exits directly out the wall behind the cooker. We are not builders so cannot prepare the hole for the pipe. It needs to be 30-32mm in diameter and located behind the flue shroud. This is 851mm high from the base of the cooker (not the floor as it may include a plinth of varying height) and 450mm from the right hand side. We'll chat to you and/or your builder directly about this before we come. 

The second picture shows the exterior view. The pipe has a further 90 degree angle to prevent water and wind ingress and is protected in this case by a mesh cover (not supplied). 

External fan assistance for oven air extraction

If your chosen position means the vent cannot go straight through the wall behind the cooker then we will always fit a fan unit (externally at the end of the pipe) to assist extraction from the ovens. We will install externally and your electrician will have to connect this to switched fused spur above worktop height near the cooker. This makes it easy to turn on when required. 


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Oven vent on 'Electrikit' converted Aga range cooker


Exterior vent of 'Electrikit' converted Aga range cooker