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No flue required. Venting from Blake & Bull Reimagined Aga range cookers

No traditional flue is required for a Blake & Bull cooker.

It is best and far more flexible to vent your oven vapours into the room. You can fit an extractor above an electric Aga range cooker which will deal with the vapours from the hobs too.

If you prefer not to smell what you are cooking in the ovens {the traditional way}, you can choose to place your cooker on an external wall. We will then extend a copper vent pipe from the back of the ovens, this will pass through the external wall.

You can see in the picture below a 28mm copper pipe exits the rear left corner of the top oven. With two 90 degree angles it then exits directly out the wall behind the cooker.

When you externally vent you may need a fan (we would encourage it). This is additional and the team will talk you through the pros and cons of each scenario.

Occasional steam escape is normal on an electric Aga range cooker. It varies from cooker to cooker. Some folk see none, some a little more. It is nowhere near as much as every conventional cooker out there, but it is still to be expected. 


Oven vent on 'Electrikit' converted Aga range cooker

 A simple external vent pipe, unaided by a fan

Exterior vent of 'Electrikit' converted Aga range cooker

External fan assistance for oven air extraction

If your chosen position means the vent cannot go straight through the wall behind the cooker then we may fit a fan unit (externally at the end of the pipe) to assist extraction from the ovens.

This costs an additional £450 + VAT. An additional standard plug socket will be required within 4m of the final exit position of the pipe and this fan site, unless we can work the fan controls into the control panel or shroud {dependent on age of cooker}

Combustion range cookers have vast amounts of hot air and combustion gases going up the flue to 'draw' air from the ovens which electric cookers do not - that is why they are so much more efficient of course!

Below - an external fan. Fitting is advised when externally venting.

Extenal fan unit aga range cooker