Our 'Electrikit' conversion warranty and support


We aim to be the gold standard in everything we do and our electric conversion warranty is no different. Happily problems are rare with our system (it's why we can offer this promise) but if something goes wrong the warranty we offer for your conversion is very simple. 

  • All Blake & Bull 'Electrikit' electric conversions are covered by our comprehensive 2 year parts & labour warranty.
  • We don't issue 15 pages of small print, your conversion is covered the moment we complete it.

If something goes wrong, give us a call. We'll try and help over the phone and at least work out whats going on remotely but if need be we'll come out to you, at no cost at all, and fix the problem. 

The only thing to bear in mind is that we are a small company with no desire to be a big one. This means you get the fabulous service on which we pride ourselves but it may mean we don't get to you the very next day! We'd guarantee to be with you within 10 working days at a maximum and usually much quicker.

Rebecca in the north east of England left us this fabulous review of a warranty visit. It's worth noting we think a plumber dislodged a cable by accident in this case, there was no system fault! 

The way the system is designed means that a problem with the hotplates does not affect the ovens and vice versa. If for some reason neither was working and you had no other means of cooking we'd prioritise your repair! 

Ongoing support...

Once your conversion is over 2 years old then don't worry, we'll still be your port of call for parts and repair. We can supply parts and instructions to your local electrician. Find the full range of 'Electrikit' spare parts here.

Undoing a conversion...

We remove various internal parts from your cooker when converting. These are rusty, heavy and covered in insulation. We remove them all for you. In the unlikely event you ever wish to revert to a 'traditional' configuration we would supply the cast iron parts, fully refurbished, from our warehouse at no cost.


Find out more on our 'Converting Aga range cookers to run on electricity' homepage'.


'Electrikit' converted Aga range cooker warranty