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Our Re-Enamelling Warranty & Ongoing Support

There is good news and even better news here. The good news is that enamelled cast iron is tough and really needs no warranty. The even better news is that we offer one anyway!

Once installed in your kitchen and we have left to make our way home then the enamel we install will be good for an almost unlimited amount of time unless worn by use or chipped by accident.

If a blemish appears or some enamel flakes soon after installation then it is possible, however rare, that an enamelling fault is to blame. In this case we'll replace the part so don't worry. 

Enamel warranty

In all the cookers we have re-enamelled we have only been back to a single one. It was a 'Standard' model with fully enamelled lids. The second time the lid was lowered some enamel chipped off one of the lower edges.

It seemed unusual so we assumed a fault, re-enamelled another lid and fitted it free of charge. Simple! 

When you have your cooker re-enamelled, converted or both by Blake & Bull we will look after you very well once the works are complete. We want you to be buying your accessories, drying racks and textiles from us for the next 20 years after all!  

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