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Refurbished Aga Range Cookers

Buying an Aga range cooker from Blake & Bull instead of a new one is not settling for second best. It's choosing meticulous workmanship, community and friendly service.

Our next generation electric cookers look fabulous, are flexible, easy to use and cheap to run. No servicing is required and room venting means we can install anywhere. Why buy Blake & Bull?

  All cookers have beautiful badges. We can't display them; it's a trademark and we're proudly independent!

Renewed, not Recycled

The heart and soul of your cooker are original castings restored for a new life. These can be up to 80 years old but it matters not.

Around these we install our modern electrical system along with beautiful Blake & Bull 'Original' parts like our non-stick lid & door liners

We handle delivery & installation ourselves. Our 2 year warranty and unique ongoing care planonly available on Blake & Bull refurbished cookers, gives peace of mind.

Why Buy Blake & Bull?

We're an established family firm with a stellar reputation that we guard obsessively. We plan and think long term. 

If you buy a second hand Aga range cooker from us, and even if you don't, we'd love to welcome you into our community.

Our staff are happy, long serving and hugely experienced. Every single full time member of staff we have ever hired is still here. Seriously!

Have peace of mind when you buy an Aga range cooker. Our 2 year parts & labour warranty is simple and reassuring.

You'll only deal directly with us; we don't 'outsource' or 'subcontract' anything.

57 Colour Options

You get a full 57colour choices for your reconditioned Aga range cooker. We can even create custom colours just for you.

The best way to decide on the best colour for you is to order an enamel sample and see how it matches your kitchen's colour scheme.

How to Buy your Reconditioned Aga Range Cooker

How to buy reconditioned Aga range cooker

Start Your Journey

Contact us to discuss your refurbished Aga range cooker in more detail. We'll be in touch super quickly!