Mini-refurb services for Aga range cookers

We start with deep cleaning to bring your cooker back to a lovely shine! Find out more and see beautiful before and after pictures on our 'Cleaning' page. Blake & Bull mini-refurbs are completed by Peter, you can see the area he covers at the bottom of this page. If this changes we'll let you know via our e-mail mailing list! Just how good is he? Click here and here to find out! 

Once everything is clean we replace the door and lid liners with shiny new ones and replace the insulation inside them. We also replace door washers and other small items. Find out more about this stage and the optional extra replacements like the chrome tops of your lids on our 'Aga range cooker efficiency' page.

The prices below include...

Optional extras...

We add a travel charge depending on your location but it's only for diesel and coffee! The prices do not include VAT. If you have a 'bespoke' requirement please don't hesitate to get in touch, always happy to have a chat or exchange e-mails!

  • 2 oven restoration £495 + VAT
  • 3 oven restoration £545 + VAT
  • 4 oven restoration £695 + VAT
  • Classic style or vintage restoration £545 + VAT

Where we cover for Aga range cooker refurbishment...

We cover the midlands, south to Taunton, east to Newbury and north east to Nottingham, give us a call if you are not sure if you qualify!  

Thanks to Emily for these pics!