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Safely Wire Brush Clean your Aga Range Cooker's Ovens and Hotplates

*This guide is specifically for Aga range cookers* Your ovens, despite the heat, can get a little mucky. They can even have a little rust too.

In the top oven the food carbonises and in the lower it can remain a little sticky but there is a solution. Follow the instructions below using our wire brush kit and your vacuum cleaner - you'll soon have things sorted. 

This guide is for your cast iron main ovens and not for warming cupboard or module ovens (4 oven+ cookers).

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How to safely wire brush clean your ovens...

  1. Turn your cooker off - you are going to need to have a good root around in the ovens and don't want to get burnt! To speed the cooling process up, open the doors and lids. If you don't want to turn off entirely then open the lids and doors, turn to it's lowest setting and put big pans of cold water on the hotplates until it is cool.
  2. Take the doors off for better access. Lift off carefully and place on a soft towel nearby. Do you need new door washers while it's off?
  3. Taking the largest of the brushes first turn it upside down and use the built in scraper to remove any thick deposits and loosen larger sections of carbon or spilt food. Vacuum this up using your vacuum nozzle.
  4. Using the same brush turn it over and methodically scrub the floor and sides of the oven with the wires. Be as rough as you can whilst avoiding the aluminium oven lip and enamel/steel oven entrance, you can use the small brush close to these areas in a moment. Wire brushes will damage enamel!
  5. You won't get right into the rear corners of the ovens with the large brush so to clean these switch to the smaller brush - again don't be afraid - you can't damage the inside of the ovens!
  6. Also using the small brush work around the runners for the oven shelves removing any rust and dust methodically. 
  7. Finish by using the small brush where the oven joins the aluminium oven lip, much safer than using the big bruiser brush! 
  8. Vacuum up the resulting dust, rust and burnt on food.


How to safely wire brush your hotplates...

  1. Lever up and remove your hotplate expansion rings.
  2. This creates a safety gap between the enamel of your hob and the hotplate where you are working BUT you still need to be careful. Wire brushes and enamel really do not mix well! 
  3. Use the blunt scraper slowly and deliberately on the large brush to first remove any thicker deposits of rust or carbonised food on the hotplate. 
  4. Now use the smaller brush in small circular motions, using as much pressure as is comfortable, to clean the hotplates.
  5. Vacuum the resulting dust off and then wipe with a slightly damp soft e-cloth. Also vacuum in the gap between hotplate and hob/top plate - don't get too carried away or you'll suck insulation out!
  6. When completely dry lightly oil the hotplates with a little olive oil on a piece of kitchen roll. 
  7. Pop the expansion rings back on - lovely job!


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