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Gustav Dalen, inventor of the Aga cookerWe love Agas and spend our lives re-enamelling them, designing textiles and helping people with their Aga problems. This page is part of our ongoing project to make all of our accumulated knowledge freely available. If you can't immediately find the answer you need then do try a search or get in touch. If it's not here somewhere we'll add it for future Aga owners!  

The Aga was invented by Dr Gustav Dalen of Sweden. He was blinded in an accident in 1912 and during his convalescence at home realised how difficult his wife found managing their traditional cooker. He resolved to design a cooker that was easy to use and duly did so. Your Aga cooker was, roughly!, the result. 

What we love about this story is that on realising how hard his wife was working at no point did he say 'why don't you let me give you a hand?' but instead disappeared to his workshop for several years! For hints and tips on saving money on your Aga running costs do join our mailing list