Use your Aga or Rayburn to dry anything (& save you money) - our guide.

Facebook review of our Aga drying rack, stacker & railYou can't avoid it- your cooker 'wastes' heat. Agas keep kitchens warm but finding other ways to use 'waste' heat can save you money. Drying stuff - anything! - on your Aga is a really good idea, drying racks & rails help you do it safely and efficiently. Want 11 more ways to save money running your Aga? Join our mailing list!

How does it save you money? Drying washing on your Aga for example, even as much as Linda in the pic!, uses no extra fuel for your cooker and doesn't stop your kitchen getting warm. Using a tumble dryer costs a lot of money and popping clothes on radiators blocks the heat- the Aga is a much better option. NOT using the heat for drying clothes, or anything else, is wasting the money you are using to run your Aga. Find out more about how much you can save >

What else can you dry on and around the Aga? Flowers, horse blankets (really!), animals (cute pic alert!), crockery & washing up, paint brushes and logs.



110+ reviews of our Aga drying rackHeat rises so the warmest part of your cooker is above the hot plate lid. Often the lid itself is so hot that you can scorch clothes left on it and you'll melt anything plastic. Don't put anything directly on your Aga. You can trap too much heat and cause cracks in the enamel even if they don't scorch!

Instead use a drying rack/airer with optional second layer (also available for Rayburns). It is a full width steel rack, powder coated in gloss black to match the hob. that straddles both lids on fold out legs. Its strong and sturdy so you can load it up with clothes, washing up and even logs.

The rack has silicone feet to avoid any enamel damage and folds flat for storage, usually just down the side! They are made exclusively for us, to our own design & high specification, in Devon; we are proud to support UK manufacturing and it's why they come with a lifetime frame warranty.



Facebook review of our Aga drying rack, stacker & railThe full width racks are for longer drying times (overnight or during the day while you are at work). Our towel rail extensions (for AgaRayburn or Everhot) double your drying space and can be left on all the time

The front rail on Agas and other rage cookers is often used for drying. This does present 3 possible problems though. Firstly you can block/restrict the air intakes behind the control door of older Agas. Secondly you can trap too much heat behind your drying washing and melt your Aga badge (solution here). Finally you can overheat the electronics on recent Total Control Agas and Rayburns. 

Our design hooks over your existing rail and braces against the front of the cooker. It doubles your drying capacity and also moves the drying of heavy items like towels away from the front the cooker so avoiding the issues noted above. It's not flat pack, is beautifully made in Devon and hugely useful! 



Facebook review of our Aga drying rack, stacker & railOur mini rail extensions are 40cm wideand perfect for sliding left and rightout of the way while you pop something in the oven or use on of the hotplates. 

You can lean on this or the full size rail extension but if you want your bottom just a little closer to the warmth on cold winter days then this is the rail for you ;)

The rails really come into their own to save on ironing too - hang your sheets and pillow cases for example neatly and carefully before you go to bed and as they hang and dry the heat from the Aga magically removes all creases - Aga ironing magic! 

To give your clothes a laundry-fresh scent you could place a ‘Fresh Linen’ Aga melt on the stove at the same time... 

Hopefully you have found all of the information on this page useful. We are always happy to help so if you have any questions just get in touch!