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When to Deep Clean and when to Re-Enamel your Aga range cooker

We will take on any challenge! But the route that we take will change depending on the condition of the enamel. 

Some deep clean & upgrade enquiries develop into more in depth re-enamel & restoration bookings. We have learnt to scour clients' photos of their beloved Aga range cookers and work our bespoke solutions for the best result. 

What's the difference between a deep clean and re-enamel?

Our deep cleaning service for Aga range cookers is part of our refurbishment service where we clean your cooker, replace door and lid liners, upgrade insulation and generally give your cooker the refresh it needs to get back looking its best.

Our re-enamelling service is where we re-coat your Aga range cooker with fresh enamel - either to change the colour or give the original colour a full restoration.

Below we have looked at some different examples to give you an idea when your cooker should be re-enamelled and when it should be deep cleaned.


When does a deep clean become a re-enamel ?

Hob Top Surface restoration re-enamelling suitable for AGA Range cookers
This 2 oven post '74 top has worked hard, pans have been dragged over its surface plate to plate, there is some enamel lifting, and we suspect there is some acid damage here too. Do you know that extra virgin olive oil when heated releases acid?


You can see on the right what we started with. We carried out a deep clean & upgrade on this model. The end result is good, but the top layer once removed revealed historic glaze removal and scratching. Only a re-enamel can return the shine to the glaze!


Sometimes we can strike a compromise! We understand that the heritage and character of an Aga is very important to our owners. So we will work hard to retain as much of the original parts as we can. But occasionally we have to replace some.. 

Hob Top Surface restoration re-enamelling suitable for AGA Range cookers
This hinge gave one of our conversion technicians a few challenges! In this scenario we will quote for a new pair of hinge blocks and lid set. Or a whole top section, whilst working hard to deep clean and retain the character of the front enamel. 
Hob Top Surface restoration re-enamelling suitable for AGA Range cookers
Sometimes the solution is less obvious, this one for example might be OK with a deep clean, but we may find damage on the hinge from wear concealed by residue. In this case we would offer new hinges, as we think that would be a much better result!

Should you deep clean or re-enamel your Aga range cooker - ask us! 

We actually run quizzes with our team regularly as a way of training them to spot these things! It is a fun thing to do on a Friday! If we are in doubt we will ask you for more photos of your stove to make sure that we can create a bespoke quote for the best result.