Which Aga do I have? (Identify your Aga model)

If you've the slightest concern about which Aga you have then give us a call and we'll work it out over the phone with you, it'll only take about 2 minutes! There are no spares available for Aga 47/10's (Model C), Aga 82's (Model F) or Agathermic cookers I'm afraid but follow the links if you suspect you have one of these for a little history! 

Post-1974 Aga 'Deluxe'

Post 1974 AGA deluxeEasily identified by a small upstand across the very back of the hob. This is about and inch high and 3/4 inch thick, not big enough to stand a mug of tea on! Later models of Aga may have a louvered box section across the back of the hob depending on flue type. If you have this instead of the raised lip you also have a post 1974 Aga and more than likely post 1995! The four oven versions have a joining strip and separate towel rail sections or joining strip integral to the module section. The lid tops are always chrome.


Pre-1974 Aga 'Deluxe'

Aga pre-1974 'Deluxe'Easily identified by a flat shelf across the back of the hob. Big enough to stand a mug of tea on! The four oven versions have a one piece hob that spans the full width of the cooker and a full width towel rail too. The lid tops are always chrome.



Aga 'Standard' 1941-1972

AGA standardThe 2-oven Aga 'Standard' also known as Model C. With a boiler was Model CB and the 4 oven version is Model E. This is your more 'vintage' looking Aga and is normally fitted with lids that are enamelled all over but can also come with chrome/enamel lids in some cases as shown here. Almost always converted to oil or gas from solid fuel they often have all sorts of boxes and pipes coming out the front at all angles! The easiest way to identify if you have one is again the hob. It's totally flat, right to the back!