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Which Models can be Converted?

Almost all Aga range cookers produced since 1941 can be converted. A full list is below...

  • 2 oven '13amp' electric cookers {here is why its a good idea}
  • 2 oven gas cookers
  • 2 oven oil cookers
  • 2 oven solid fuel cookers
  • 3 oven '13amp' electric cookers 
  • 3 oven gas cookers 
  • 4 oven '13amp' electric cookers
  • 4 oven gas cookers
  • 4 oven oil cookers
  • 4 oven solid fuel cookers

There are some models which cannot be converted. A full list is below...


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Agathermic Aga range cooker in cream with steel lids