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We've built an extraordinary reputation. We mean to keep it.

Buy Aga range cookers from our sustainable 'loop' & join the great green acceleration.

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Why choose a Blake & Bull renewed Aga range cooker?


Blake & Bull are an independent company with a reputation that we guard obsessively. We're custodians of the old traditions and our customers stories.

A nearly 40 strong team with deep expertise. Long serving engineers, a skilled workshop team, a traditional fabrication department and an ambitious R&D team.

Extraordinary service. Selling, installing and supporting bespoke reimagined Aga range cookers is complex. It's not easy, it is possible. We do make mistakes (we're human!), we always make them right.

Long term thinking. If you buy an Aga range cooker from us, and even if you don't, we'd love to welcome you into our community.

Peace of mind. Our 5 year warranty is simple and reassuring. {3 years parts & labour, a further 2 years parts}

Why choose a reconditioned {meticulously restored!} over new?

  • It's a way of owning a piece of our industrial heritage with its own long history. Some of the cookers we recondition are nearly 80 years old but it matters not. We'd love to give them another 80 years in your home!

  • It's environmentally friendly. We recycle the cast iron from original cookers avoiding the carbon emissions from needlessly making them again.

  • It's affordable. Because we reuse the expensive castings from original cookers we can offer a cooker that looks like new with a modern electric system for less than a new one.

Why choose our next generation electric system?

  • Position anywhere with in room venting 

  • Competitive running costs!Far less than a singular element 13 amp system, and comparable with newly manufactured models

  • More efficient heat transfer and multi zones within the cooker 
  • No servicing costs, at all. No annual visits from the gas man (or more for oil).

  • Low infrastructure installation costs. No oil tanks, gas lines or flues. Just an electric supply required.

  • Lower fire risk, no flames or flammable fuels in your kitchen.

  • Zero carbon monoxide risk. No combustion in your kitchen.

  • Zero fuel leak risk. No oil or gas lines required.