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Why Has my Oil Aga Range Cooker Gone Out?

Oil Aga range cookers, when set up correctly, should give you few problems long term, however they can have their wobbly moments.

Has it been Serviced Regularly?

One reason oil Aga range cookers go out is they have not been serviced regularly or correctly, which needs to be done every 6 – 12 months.

If regular servicing isn’t done then the oil burner will get blocked with carbon, but your cooker should give you a few telltale signs before they go out:

Are you Using the Correct Oil?

Aga range cookers require 28 second commercial kerosene oil. Using variants on this may cause your cooker to not burn correctly and the cooker to ultimately go out. 

Is there an issue with the Oil Supply?

Another reason your oil aga range cooker could be going out is an issue with the fuel supply. First, of all check your oil levels or if any of the external filters need replacing.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, you may need the fuel supply to be inspected as there could be an issue with your fuel tank or a blocked or faulty oil valves.

You may need to contact a local Aga range cooker engineer if the problem persists, see our directory here.

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