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Will an 'eC' cooker Heat my Kitchen?

As, in most cases, the ovens are on all the time your reconditioned 'eC' cooker will always provide some background warmth to your kitchen. It won't heat half the house though like an oil or gas cooker might. This really is a feature not a bug!

Heating your kitchen or house with an Aga range cooker is, short of burning £20 notes in a wood burner, the most expensive way to do it. That's why oil and gas cookers cost so much more to run than our reconditioned cookers.

You may need to turn on the kitchen radiator or even install one but the fuel savings will be very much worth it! Your boiler is designed to heat rooms, an Aga range cooker is not!

Guests will still gravitate to the cooker on cold days and your pets will still hug its warm front but it won't make your kitchen 'scorchio' on summers days and it won't burn little hands. Win win!


Find out more on our 'Blake & Bull reconditioned & refurbished Aga range cookers' homepage.


Cream Aga range cooker with golden labrador