Rayburn drying rack / clothes airer (gloss black)

  • Piling clothes on top of your Rayburn directly will dry them but it has several drawbacks. There is the risk of scorching but more seriously the washing traps heat and makes the enamel hotter than it should be. This can make your enamel brittle and damage it. 

    These dryers have huge capacity. Almost anything will dry overnight, even horse blankets, thats the power of your Rayburn! 

    This black Rayburn drying rack will solve those problems. You can make use of the hot air rising to dry your washing. There is no assembly required, simply stand it on your Rayburn. The rack has silicone feet to avoid any enamel damage and folds flat for storage, usually just down the side! Choose the optional stacker if you have a large family or are determined to use every last drop of hot air from your Rayburn!

    The 400 series airer is 70cm wide and 46cm deep. The 600 series airer is 94cm wide and 48cm deep. Neither will fit 200 series cookers sorry!

    Aga clothes airer"Drying washing on your Rayburn is a way to offset your energy use as it will reduce your reliance on your tumble dryer. A Rayburn may be a luxury but it's a very useful one!" Matthew

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  • 1 x fully assembled Rayburn drying rack / Rayburn clothes airer / Rayburn dryer.  Will not fit 200 series Rayburns! 

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