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A Spruce Green Cooker Has A Pre Christmas Spruce Up!

Irene is full prepped now to wow her festive guests with her super clean 4 oven after spending a therapeutic 6 hours scraping, pasting, scrubbing and wiping! Thank you for the 5 star review Irene.

Cleaning kits pastes suitable for use on the vitreous enamel of Aga range cookersThis pictures shows just how far the paste goes! It takes a little time to apply as thoroughly and as evenly as this, but the next bit is easy! Just sit back (walk the dog, get a food shop in, answer some work calls) and 2 hours or so later any remaining grime will be lifted. 

Cleaning products and pastes suitable for use on the vitreous enamel of Aga range cookers

"Fab Result! - When I ordered my Blake & Bull heavy duty cleaning kit I really didn’t think it would clean up the way it did. My Aga range cooker wasn’t really dirty as I always tried to give it a wipe over and clean regularly but it never had the complete overhaul. Last Saturday my husband was off out, I had the day to myself. Having turned the Aga range cooker off the night before it was the perfect temperature to start cleaning at 9.30am. I followed the instructions to the book, by  4pm it was turned on and looking almost like new. I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy but totally worth it when I saw the end result. I couldn’t recommend the kit highly enough so if you have a free 6.5 hours and want your Aga to sparkle for Christmas get ordering from Blake and Bull" Irene, Nov 2019

I love this excitable post from @dorothysanco, she is keen to start her big pre-Christmas clean!

"Never look forward to cleaning 'Agi' Aga range cooker but when your cleaning kit arrives with a personalised message and sweeties from @blakeandbull, then gloves and music on and let cleaning commence. Thank you Jonathan!" Dorothy


< Get your cooker shining! we have guides, brushes, scrapers and pastes! 

Katy Boys

Katy Boys

Katy is a rural girl at heart. She loves long walks, home cooking, paddling in rivers, warm fires and socks and stomping in leaves with her children. After studying ‘drawing stuff’ at university in Bath, Katy spent 10 years selling wares and managing folk at Habitat in Bath. Welcoming children into her world prompted her to return to drawing things, people and places from home. This led her to us at Blake & Bull and the rest is history. She draws our stuff, provides cuddles for the office dog, and is here to chat to you lovely lot.