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Recipes for Aga Range Cookers

A delicious frittata makes a lovely light lunch or supper and can be made with any combination of ingredients. It is the perfect vehicle for leftover vegetables and the flavour combinations are as endless as your imagination.

A wow of a savoury with a seasonal addition. 

Looking for a Vegan alternative? This sweet one looks mind blowing! and this is a knock out savoury alternative.

With the right equipment, cooking a fry-up in an Aga range cooker is efficient & involves less washing up! Follow these simple instructions for the perfect cooked breakfast!
Who doesn't love a fried egg but with all that oil and grease they often don't feel like a healthy option. By using our pre-cut simmering set on your cooker though you can make the perfect fried egg very quickly and with no oil! il! 
Follow these instructions and, just like my roast potato recipe, you'll get the best Yorkshires you'll ever have made in your cooker. Maybe (the horror!) you disagree? Send me an e-mail and I shall test your way and report back!
Right, here is my recipe for the perfect french toast cooked on the Aga range cooker - let me know how you get on!