We've built an extraordinary reputation. We mean to keep it.

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"We are 350 miles away from their offices but Bradley arrived early in the morning within 48 hours as though he was coming from our own town." Peter Ingham, Trustpilot, 8th Sept 2023

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Complete peace of mind

Buying Blake & Bull is the only way to get complete peace of mind. Our warranty covers both parts & labour for up to 5 years. After this the warranty can be extended indefinitely via our care plans. It's 5 years parts and labour as standard on cookers installed by Blake & Bull, available as an optional upgrade on conversions. You need never worry about repair bills.

We'd like you to shop with us for decades, you are more important than any single installation or conversion. Thats why your warranty is with us directly. One number to ring and one team who get reviews like this.

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Bradley is our dedicated Aga cooker warranty engineer

For many years warranty support visits were scheduled into the diaries of our lead engineers. As our customer list grew to many thousands though this began to lead to unacceptable delays.

These days we have an on call warranty engineer, Bradley, ready to go in his specially equipped van.

That we only need 1 dedicated warranty engineer, the only one in the country we believe, to cover our huge customer estate is testament to the quality of our work. That we have one at all is testament to how seriously we take aftercare of your Blake & Bull Aga cooker.

You benefit from our experience

We're 'electric only' specialists. We've installed more electric cookers than anyone except AGA Rangemaster Ltd and converted more Aga cookers than anyone by several orders of magnitude.

As a company this gives us data on what goes wrong and when. Individually our engineers are all among the most experienced nationwide with electric cookers. It's all they do.

We operate at a level of quality that is unmatched. We have to. If you call us in 4 years, and opted for our extended warranty, to a faulty hob we have no one else to blame and the cost is ours to bear. You could be in Bristol or Glasgow, we treat every customer the same way.

Consistently over many years

It has taken us a long time to build our reputation, we mean to keep it. Responding quickly and generously to problems is part of who we are and part of our service. This Facebook review is from 2017, we are still proud of it.

Blake & Bull Aga cooker warranty details

If something goes wrong, submit a warranty request here.

The way the systems are designed means that a problem with the hotplates does not affect the ovens and vice versa. If for some reason neither was working and you had no other means of cooking we'd prioritise your repair!

When a call out charge may apply

  • We can find no fault when we visit you
  • The fault is with your electricity supply rather than the cooker (we'll help you establish if this is the case over the phone before we visit don't worry)
  • The fault or issue is as a result of accidental damage or misuse
  • We find the cooker has been modified by a third party
  • The Aga cooker has been moved in the same property or to another property

What is not covered by the warranty?

  • Consumable parts like lid liners, door liners and lid pins. These get mucky and worn. They are designed to be replaced every now and again!
  • Any consequential loss
  • Accidental damage or misuse. This includes cosmetic damage to the enamel caused by incorrect cleaning. Here is how to clean your cooker safely! 
  • The bulb inside the thermometer. Since mercury was thoroughly banned these are decorative only!
  • Any work completed on your cooker by a third party
  • Fan installations are limited to 1 year warranty {parts & labour}
  • Electric hob installations unit No. A3287 are limited to 1 year warranty {parts & labour}
  • Timer installations purchased by you and connections made by your electrician
  • Existing hardware like fans and hobs reused alongside a new conversion installation
  • Module/Companion installations are covered by a 1 year from installation Blake & Bull refurbisher warranty only

Need help fixing a minor problem? Email hello@blakeandbull.co.uk or see our help page here!