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A note! All costs are calculated on current energy costs from 1st April 2024. Consumption figures are realistic estimates blending maths with real world experience, lots of it! Matthew, founder of Blake & Bull, has his ovens and hobs on separate meters for precise data on consumption.

How much do our multi element electric Aga cookers cost to run? £15-20 per week.

Unlike fossil Aga range cookers it is up to you what your electric Aga cooker from Blake & Bull costs to run. Whether we have installed a remanufactured cooker for you or converted your cooker. You can change your usage according to need or the cost of electricity.

You have control over the temperature of ovens and hotplates individually. How you decide to use them, and at what temperature, decide your running costs.

We have two independent electric systems to choose from. eControl has more power (32amp) than Electrickit (13amp). More power = faster heat up times but broadly speaking running costs stay the same if used in the same way. For 4 or 5 oven cookers you can leave the 3rd, 4th and 5th ovens off until you need them.

"The cost of using the Aga [cooker] has dropped to almost a third of previous use.
The flexibility of use is brilliant with all the options now available.
This is still an Aga, the kitchen is toastie in the morning, even on Eco!" Trustpilot, 3rd April 2023

Your electric running costs

No two electric Aga range cookers will ever have the same running costs, everyone has different priorities on different days, but we think most customers will move between our two models below at different times of year and average £15-20 per week.

On Christmas day your whole cooker will be blazing away all day as it should be. On a hot Tuesday in July you may only use a single hotplate to warm some soup at lunch before firing up the BBQ in the evening.

The cost of electricity also has an effect. If electric gets cheaper again you can 'relax' your usage and prioritise convenience over cost.

No servicing is required and no infrastructure maintenance (tanks, flues & fuel lines etc).

Convert your Aga range cooker to run on electricty

Aga range cooker running costs compared

This graph is based on the mid point between the two ways of using your cooker detailed below, most customers move between them at different times of year. Figures quoted are based on factory consumption estimates plus a small uplift to allow for efficiency losses over time and include servicing & repair estimates.

The graph shows clearly the enormous scale of the environmental cost of fossil Aga range cookers. Hot water boilers, if fitted, increase fuel consumption and carbon cost by approx 50%.

The lowest possible cost? Approx £9.23 per week

If you want to run your Aga cooker at the lowest possible cost then you'll be using it more like a conventional cooker and turning it on/off when required. This can be done manually or on a timer.

Using the roasting oven at full temperature daily along with a hotplate to cook an evening meal would cost approx £7.70. You have to plan ahead to do this, eControl ovens take 1 hour to heat up, Electrickit 2 hours, but the cost will be comparable to that of any conventional oven or range.

Used like this you'll have a less traditional experience of Aga cooker ownership but very low running costs and carbon emissions. Of course you still have the option to revert to 'everything on' operation for special occasions and cooking at scale!

Heat to the kitchen is reduced in this scenario so it works best in well insulated houses or the summer months.

Tradition & convenience? Approx £26.95 per week

"Thats Alf and my 4 oven 'Heritage' model cooker. I choose tradition & convenience over running costs most of the time. Mine is a busy house with resident toddler and baby so I turn on the ovens as I make my morning coffee and they stay on until supper is ready. I use the hotplates as required. My weekly average electricity consumption is around 110kWh or £26.95.

This is a pretty relaxed and traditional pattern. It gives tons of heat to the ground floor of my house (I have no radiators on apart from the living room), drys washing overnight (as it cools) and keeps the kitchen cosy for my early morning 'coffee and emails' session!

Matthew, Blake & Bull founder

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