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Can Shot Blasted Cast Iron Really look like New?

Cast iron is a wonderful material that effectively lasts forever in the context of your kitchen. We can literally make it look like new.

The picture below shows the oven castings of a cooker we found in a scrapyard near Dorset. It had been sat in the rain, fully assembled and full of insulation, for years. We dismantled it and removed as much of the insulation as possible before shotblasting every part. This cooker became our photo star and was used in our workshop to demonstrate our electric system - it literally looks like new and the lower picture shows how those castings looked after shotblasting and before full reassembly.  

Re-enamelling your cooker (or buying a refurbished cooker from us) is the only way to get original 'Coalbrookdale made' parts for your cooker since the closure of the foundry in late 2017.  

Cast iron ovens of Aga range cooker

Shot blasted cast iron ovens of Aga range cooker