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Our ongoing care plan; for Blake & Bull installed or converted Aga range cookers

If you own a Blake & Bull cooker or have had your existing cooker converted by us then you can join our care plan for peace of mind when your warranty expires.

Our system is super reliable, and no servicing is required, but sometimes things can go wrong. 

Join now, choose your payment option*

  1. [save 33%] 4 year plan - £2.26 per week / billed £470.40 every 4 years / Join now >

  2. [save 16%] 2 year plan - £2.86 per week / billed £297.60 every 2 years / Join now >

  3. Monthly plan - £3.42 per week / billed monthly for 12 months minimum / Join now >

The cost of your care plan will never increase for as long as you remain a member. A thank you for your loyalty! Repairs can be scheduled from 1 month after plan purchase, for pre-existing problems see below. 

What is covered?

  • Purchased a Blake & Bull Aga range cooker? You'll be covered for electrical or mechanical breakdowns.

  • Cooker converted & re-enamelled by Blake & Bull? You'll be covered for electrical or mechanical breakdown. 

  • Cooker converted by Blake & Bull? You'll be covered for electrical breakdown.

  • We'll aim to be with you within 7 working days, usually sooner!

  • There is no charge for parts, labour or VAT. 

Who visits & how long will it take?

  • In almost all cases our team will visit. If you are further afield from us we may use a trusted third party. We'd handle everything.

  • The system is designed such that a problem with the hotplates does not affect the ovens and vice versa. If neither was working and you had no other means of cooking we'd prioritise your repair!

What happens if my Blake & Bull reconditioned or converted cooker has developed a fault outside it's warranty period and I am not a part of the care plan?

What is not covered by the care plan?

  • Consumable parts like lid liners, door liners and lid pins. These get mucky and worn. They are designed to be replaced every now and again! 

  • Consequential loss.

  • Accidental & cosmetic damage or misuse. This includes cosmetic damage to the enamel caused by incorrect cleaning. Here is how to clean your cooker safely!

  • The bulb inside the thermometer. Since mercury was thoroughly banned these are decorative only!

  • Electrical or mechanical breakdowns caused by the actions of a third party, wilful neglect or failure to use the system correctly. We won't come and reset the overheat safety switch in the hotplates for example, its easy to do yourself with our help!

A call out charge may apply if...

  • We can find no fault when we visit you!

  • The fault is with your electricity supply rather than the cooker (we'll help you establish if this is the case over the phone before we visit don't worry!).

  • The fault or issue is a result of accidental damage.

  • We find the cooker has been modified by a third party.

Which cookers are eligible to join the care plan?

  • Any Blake & Bull eCOOK reconditioned Aga range cooker.

  • Any Blake & Bull converted cooker.

Is the plan transferable?

  • Not to a different cooker or house but we can transfer to the new owner if you move! 

*All Blake & Bull cookers installed or converted since July 2022 are covered by our comprehensive 5 year parts & labour warranty. Cookers installed or converted before this have a 2 year parts & labour warranty. Instaheat and induction hobs installed by Blake & Bull have a 1 year parts and labour warranty only.

 Yellow Standard model Aga range cooker under warranty by Blake & Bull