Blake & Bull team 


Bradford on Avon Bridal ShopWe aim very high here and expect a lot but we have a fair bit of fun along the way. Give us a call and ask for whomever you like! 

Ian manages our warehouse, keeps Michael on his toes and a beady eye on everything. They despatch extraordinary quantities of range cooker bits and bobs across the land (& world!) every day. With appalling musical tastes Michael rarely keeps control of the warehouse radio from Ian for long. 

If Philip is not on the road then he buzzing around his workshop preparing the enamel and electrical conversion parts for upcoming jobs. Philip is always jolly, happy to help and high as a kite on caffeine.

Matthew and Alf spend most of their time hiding from work walking in fields, especially when large deliveries are due. Peter, who is based in Ludlow, zooms around the place doing our mini-refurbs and sleeping in lay-bys (he has many many children).