Safe dismantling and removal service for Aga range cookers


Image shows Aga range cooker before and after being dismantled and removed.We offer a dismantling and removals service for Aga range cookers. We will be with you quickly, dismantle safely, make little mess and leave a clean site.  

Once dismantled we can dispose of the cooker, leave the parts neatly stacked on a pallet with you or remove to our workshop for refurbishment and re-installation at a later date. This can be at the original address or a new one! I'm afraid we cannot offer a re-installation service without refurbishment. Now lets answer a few of your questions...

What is the cost of dismantling & removing my Aga range cooker...

  • Dismantling & removing for disposal £450 + VAT
  • Dismantling & palletising parts to be left with you £750 + VAT
  • Dismantling & removing for refurbishment {further information on re-enamelling & converting} £250 + VAT

Prices apply to any model, age & size of Aga range cooker. They include travel, industrial dust extraction, and all the materials required to safety store or transport the cooker.  

Which of the team does the dismantling?

All removals and dismantling are led by Philip, our senior engineer, or Matt our workshop engineer. They will often be assisted, especially on larger jobs or sites with poor access, by Ian, Jonathan or Matthew. Find our more about our friendly team.

How do I book in?

Send a few pics of your cooker and your rough location to We'll confirm the cost, available dates and send you a link for payment by card. Simple!

What areas do you cover for dismantling & removals?

We cover all of southern and central England & Wales and may be willing to travel further in some circumstances so do get in touch if you are not sure. It's basically so we can complete any job and be back at base within a day, otherwise we'd love to visit the highlands! 

When will you be able to dismantle my cooker?

In most cases we'll be able to be with you within 5 working days, if in a rush give us a bell on 01225 309347 and we can confirm availability and book you in over the phone in a few minutes.  

How long does it take once you arrive?

3-5 hours is a good rule of thumb with older and bigger cookers taking longer of course! 

What is the process involved?

We do not remove your cooker whole. We are experts so can whip a cooker apart much quicker than struggling to drag it out whole and damaging your floor and doorways in the process. Instead the cooker is carefully and slowly disassembled into its constituent parts. We work methodically and professionally and can remove almost any cooker from any kitchen, new or old, without damaging anything around it. Our philosophy, in everything we do, is to 'work clean'. 

How much mess will you make?!

As noted above we 'work clean' but we also have a huge advantage, the worlds biggest vacuum! It can effortlessly remove insulation, dust and small pets from your house up to 20 meters outside. It's an expensive bit of kit that needs a lot of love and attention but its crucial to be able to do this job right. We will need access to mains electricity for this so do bear that in mind on building sites etc! 

What do I need to do in advance?

We need the cooker disconnected physically from its fuel source and any water supply to the boiler if installed. We are not gas or oil engineers so cannot cut, cap or otherwise interfere with fuel supply lines.