We've built an extraordinary reputation. We mean to keep it.

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"...the best company I have ever encountered." Mr Graham Collis, Trustpilot 26th June 2023

Consistently over many years

"Blake & Bull is my company, I'm building for the (very) long term. I come from a farming family. We think in generations, not financial quarters.

We've built our reputation on thousands of cookers and hundreds of thousands of cookshop orders. We mean to keep it. The Facebook review you see here is from 2017, I'm still proud of it."

Matthew, founder

Will Greenwood MBE

"If anyone is thinking of getting a remanufactured model or needs their existing stove looked at, I always say you must speak to Matthew at Blake & Bull. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Matthew is a rock star. He has been insanely helpful and does exactly what he says he will. Not that we have had any problems, but when I had a question to ask, I knew I could pick up the phone and be looked after. The team at Blake & Bull are awesome too, a cool crowd to deal with."

In The Press

Ros Byam-Shaw

We converted Ros' Aga range cooker in 2019. We've had the pleasure since to send Ros many of our accessories, from egg rack to Yorkshire pud tray, and she has become a firm friend of Blake & Bull. We have no commercial relationship with Ros, she agreed to talk to us and have some photographs taken simply because she is so pleased with her converted Aga range cooker.

A nebulous thing

Can we measure a reputation accurately? No, despite all those reviews above. But it's still very real and so so important. It's important for you, the customer, to make a judgement about whether or not to use our services and products. 

It's also important for our team. Have you ever been in a restaurant and sensed trouble. From the moment you sit down the serving team are in a defensive crouch? They know it will all go wrong soon. It does.

Those teams have nothing to live up to, no past achievements to be proud of. At Blake & Bull our reputation is something we are all proud of. It's to be burnished, augmented and protected. A problem or a mistake is galvanising rather then demoralising.

If you choose Blake & Bull I hope all goes smoothly, it normally does! If something crops up though rest assured we'll swing gladly in action.

"What a fabulous company with a lovely friendly caring attitude from start to finish!" Samantha Annis, Google, January 2023


"This [cooker] would once have run on solid fuel, but now Blake & Bull have exquisitely restored and reimagined it so it retains it’s classic look (blissfully with no knobs, flashing lights, buttons or fuss in sight), but is now powered by an incredibly modern, efficient, controllable electric system that retains all the benefits of a cast iron range, but is much easier (and economical) to live with!

There is something heart-warming, knowing this will have been the much loved epicentre of home life for twice as long as I’ve been around, and now has been given a whole new life in my forever kitchen. Seeing what it looks and functions like now, is absolutely jaw dropping – it gleams!"

"Blake & Bull have protected me all the way through the process of converting my Aga from oil to electricity."