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The Process of Re-Enamelling your Aga Range Cooker

We complete the vast majority of our re-enamelling and reconditioning in one visit. Your cooker is ready to use when we leave although not likely to be hot enough to cook dinner; a good excuse for a fish & chip supper!

We can do this because we prepare every part, from an enamelled door to replacement hob caps, required for your cooker in advance. On the day itself we swap them onto your cooker and take away the existing ones, it's like a part exchange.

Almost from the moment you book our workshop engineers begin the preparations. Cast iron parts are selected and enamelled in your chosen colours, Conversion parts are ordered and as much as possible made up in advance.

All of this is stored together with your details and a checklist to make sure it's all there. We work on the basis that 75% of the work is done before we ever see your kitchen! 

When we arrive with all these parts, usually at 8 am sharp, it takes approximately a day to complete almost any works. For some jobs we'll leave a 'run-over' day but we rarely expect to use it. 

>>Find out more on our 'Aga range cooker re-enamelling & refurbishing services' homepage.

>>Alongside these services, Blake & Bull offer a range of accessories for use with Aga range cookers including chef padskettles and baking tins

Aga range cooker with front removed during re-enamelling