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Owning an Aga range cooker encapsulated...

Mention of my new little one at home prompted Ken to dig out the pictures below and send them to me by way of reply. The fact that he did so, and is not alone in sharing these moments with us, I think speaks volumes about what these cookers mean to us all. As they are warm all the time they come to be regarded as somehow 'alive'. No other piece of furniture or appliance is mentioned; the cooker is family! Thank you so very much Ken.

"Your notes about the bairn prompted me to send these images which are separated by 45 years. The first is my daughter Elizabeth (in the cradle) and Heather. The second is Chauncey and the AGA I installed when Christine was born 30 years ago. Three children have been nursed and weaned leaning against the chrome rails. And a legacy of 6 dogs."

Dog sat in front of Rayburn range cooker

Snoozing moggie; half size drying racks!

Thanks to Elizabeth for this pic of Bertie perched happily atop two layers of our mini-drying racks. In this cold snap we are having the nations feline population have retired to the warmest spots! 

Cat sleeping on washing drying atop an Aga range cooker

Good girl Daisy!

Thanks Wendy for this amazing pic, I bet she didn't stay here for long!

"Thank you for these lovely chefs pads and oven gloves. I am washing my trusty but grubby Blake and Bull spotty chefs pad and gloves and I decided to get out the new ones which I bought in the recent sale. I absolutely love them. Daisy our labradoodle puppy might find the gloves irresistible and if she has a wee chew we will have to find a new place to hang them."

2 oven black Aga range cooker

Meet Humphrey & Alice; kitchen inspiration!

Love this homely kitchen, you can tell this is the home of a serious cook. Not entirely sure how Mrs C actually uses the cooker though with Humphrey & Alice in the way! Drying rack in situ too!

Green 4 oven Aga range cooker

Cats love our drying racks for use with Aga range cookers!

Thank you so much to Barbara for this pic, more evidence that the primary purpose of our drying racks for cat owners is not so much drying washing as warming said cats! The drying racks are on sale now if you've not got one! 

Jasper the cat sat on our drying rack for use with Aga range cookers!

Our Yorkshire pudding tin for use with Aga range cookers!

> Buy our non-stick Yorkshire pudding & muffin tin for use with Aga range cookers here!

We're now up to 5 reviews for this completely unique Blake & Bull 'Original' piece! The latest was from Amanda who also sent the gorgeous image below. Your 5 stars are much appreciated Amanda!

Love LOVE love this!!!
Review by Amanda T. on 12 Jan 2020 review stating Love LOVE love this!!!Brilliant piece of kit! Washes beautifully, great Yorkshire’s. So pleased Blake and Bull took the plunge to produce this- highly recommended

Making people happy like this is why we love what we do! Love the tiles behind the cooker Amanda!

Yorkshire puddings in a non-stick tin on top of a pale blue green Aga range cooker

January 16, 2020

pearl grey › Textiles ›

Our lid covers for use with Aga range cookers looking glorious!

Thanks to Mrs S for this pic of her new 'Professional' Blake & Bull hob covers and kind words, all looking super smart. The tiles are by Nicola Werner, we LOVE! The hob covers are in the sale right now at £15.85 from £19.80!

Lid covers for use with Aga range cookers on blue Aga range cooker

Joyful Handcrafted Splash backs!

We thought that you would like to see this! tricia jones is a mosaic artist who creates cheerful characterful kitchen splash backs. She contacted us this week, and we thought 'how can we not share?!'

How wonderful would it be to have something carefully compiled, piece by piece? Goodness, you could even include precious broken family china in the design, so that it lives on! 


Bespoke mosiac splash backs behind Aga range cookersI love the jewel like grapes, plump and ripe in this photo! It must be so much fun for Tricia to build the shapes and colours. She is a skilled story teller through her art too, catching character in the animals that she features...


Bespoke mosiac splash backs behind Aga range cookersDoesn't this look fab! Check out that cheeky mouse! Proportionally it works so well and brings the carefully selected vintage unit to life. The inherant Italianate styling works so well with this marble top too.


This family crest is magnificent and is the perfect 'crown' the the family Aga range cooker! What would yours say? Mine would certainly say something like 'loving family just on the edge of sane and does not iron'... or something similar! 

And the colours...

It would have to be something like Tricia's bio diversity workI could happily live in a kitchen full of happy bugs and bright leaves! 

Another Fabulous New Years Scrub Up!

"Just cleaned our 28 year old with your kit, very impressed. She looks ten years younger 😜" Thank you so much Steve for sharing your home.

There are many things that make me happy in this photo; the clean Aga range cooker of course looking rather gorgeous amongst the bricks! Also the exposed pipes neatly rising in an equally spaced trio, the Danish sofa (yum!) and the splash of gold on the handles. 

Cleaning kits cleaning pastes cleaning products suitable for use on Aga range cooker enamel

< Treat your cooker to a new year scrub up, our kits are in our Winter Sale!

Happy Hound, Oh Hello!

Here is a happy face to offer some respite from our friendly prompts to visit our Winter Sale!

Just look at Jenson, in just the right spot on a chilly January day! Thank you to Jenson's human JB for sharing this face! Just Irresistible!

Puppy dog in front of an aga range cooker keeping warm

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