February 16, 2018

The drawbacks and problems of 'Electrikit' Aga range cooker conversions

The last thing we want as a business is for anyone to convert their cooker and then be disappointed so I thought I'd keep a note here of the drawbacks I have noted in the past and any that come up from customers over time. Lets get started, its not a huge list thankfully!

  • The main one that I always note is the power cut issue. If you are very rural and suffer extended power cuts regularly then an 'Electrikit' converted cooker may not be for you. The ovens, being super well insulated, will stay hot for several hours in the event of a power cut but the hotplates will cool down quickly and if you are without power for more than a few hours then you'll be eating salads! You can run the cooker from a generator if you have that capability. The ovens draw 1.8kw with the hotplates a further 1.4kw each so you don't need a generator the size of Wales or anything!
  • The 'wasted' heat issue. Converted Agas do give out less heat than many traditional cookers. Technically this is a feature not a bug as heating a room with an Aga is the most expensive way imaginable to do it (short of burning £20 notes in your wood burner!) so just turn on the kitchen radiator or get one installed to compensate and save a fortune! Converted Agas are still very warm to lean against and dry washing on - you just won't heat a barn with one like some old traditional cookers! 
  • The 'why won't my marmalade boil' issue. This is a very recent one that has come up in the last few days and it comes down to this. The hotplates use a combination of heat storage (they are big pieces of metal) and an electric element below to respond to heat loss. If you pop your enormous marmalade pan on the hob it will 'use' the stored heat quite quickly and then the element will kick in to do its job. At 1.4kw though its just not big enough to directly heat a huge quantity of thick marmalade above unless the lid is on. In this case you will need to make the marmalade in smaller batches (normal size pans). Our conversions share this issue with the recent smaller TC electric cookers.
February 04, 2018

Pets with cookers, ludicrously cute!

Thanks to Linda for this one, what an expression!

Great Dane in front of Aga range cooker

Made me 😂 "I'm not the only one who loves our drying rack, I lifted it off the Aga this morning and Bella refused to move so she came with it!!" Thank you Sarah!

Cat on drying rack

This one is entitled "Don't even think about moving this rack butler."

Cat on drying rack for use with Aga range cooker

This one is lovely thank you Marion!

Scotty dog sat in front of blue Aga range cooker

And last but by no means(!) least is Max. Good lord!

February 04, 2018

Reconditioned Aga range cooker with 'Electrikit' conversion; sometimes only black will do!

One of Philips jobs this week was unusual in that it was a straight installation of a cooker; no refurb or conversion required on site. This is not something we do often as we don't have enough 'stock' of cookers but occasionally we can do it if the customer wants something we have a 'spare' of! 

Note: The cooker does have its original badge! We've digitally removed it from the images as it is a trademark of Aga Rangemaster Ltd.

Preassembled reconditioned Aga range cooker in black

In this case it's a 4 oven post 1995 'Deluxe' model. It's all black so every enamel part has been re-enamelled and every internal casting (like the ovens) has been shotblasted or replaced if need be. With Philips usual professionalism the cooker was completely assembled in the workshop and the 'Electrikit' system fully tested before it made it to the customers house (Hi Mrs T!). 

Inside oven of reconditioned Aga range cooker with non-stick liner

As you can see the ovens are looking fab. These are original castings that have been through a brutal shotblasting process to remove any rust, food debris and other gunk. They are shiny as almost like new when completed. We always supply one of our non stick oven liners; stops things getting mucky again! The doors are of course all brand new too. New liners, seals and insulation. 

Control panel of 'Electrikit' system for Aga range cookersHere is the control panel. The top oven temperature is controlled with the up/down arrows next to the LCD screen. Pressing them briefly displays the 'target' temp so you know what the cooker is aiming for and it then reverts to displaying the current oven temperature. The left hand dial controls the temp in the module or warming cupboard (left hand ovens) and the two dials to the right control the hotplates. Both can be hotplates or simmering plates individually or together as required; and they never go cold!

Reconditioned Aga range cookerThe full effect, LOVE the tiles with the black cooker!

January 27, 2018

Some of Philips latest work re-enamelling and converting an Aga range cooker!

This was a job from last week which went a bit viral on Facebook!

January 01, 2018

A wonderful review!

When I spotted this review on our professional chefs pad, oven glove and towel set for range cookers just after Christmas it made my day!

December 19, 2017

Making porridge overnight on your range cooker

Overnight creamy porridge? Measure your oats and water (one part oats to two of water) and put into a pan. Put the lid on and set the pan onto the back of your range cooker in the evening. Next morning, move the pan to the simmering plate and stir once. It will boil before you have made your cup of tea or coffee to accompany it and be super creamy and delicious!

Overnight porridge

December 14, 2017

Blake & Bull Originals

Everything we sell is super high quality but we are particularly proud of the wide range of products exclusive to Blake & Bull. These are our own designs and made to the highest standards entirely in the UK.

You won't find Blake & Bull originals in the shops or from other sellers online; they are available only directly from us. This is so that we can make sure you get only the best customer service when you buy a Blake & Bull product.

Got a problem or, the horror!, found a fault? Just give us a call on 01225 309347 and we'll sort it super quickly in our usual friendly way!

Blake & Bull original products for range cookers

December 13, 2017

Toast being made on an Aga range cooker

"We recently bought the toaster rack from your site, Having great fun toasting all manner of things in no time at all- who needs a conventional pop up toaster!!" Thanks for this festive pic Steve!

Toast being made on Aga range cooker

December 12, 2017

We're independent!

We LOVE Aga & Rayburn range cookers and everything the fabulous Aga Rangemaster Ltd & Aga Rangemaster Group Ltd do. We are not connected to or endorsed by them though and nor do we source any of the bits and bobs in our online store from them.

We sell many products specifically for Aga or Rayburn range cookers but these are almost all Blake & Bull originals; they have our name on them. The Blake & Bull logo guarantees our super high standards and amazing customer service.

Blake & Bull's relationship with Aga Rangemaster ltd

December 11, 2017

A Scottish range cooker with our drying rack and rail

Thank you to Irene for this picture of our drying rail and top airer!

"...arrived as the weather turned Baltic in Scotland and I could not believe how fast everything dried."

Red range cooker drying rack and rail shown

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