March 16, 2018

Great backsplash idea

Louise sent me this picture of her cooker and Blake & Bull melt but the splash back caught my eye (I've seen a few 😉). It's a simple laminate in nice design fixed to plywood and then covered in toughened glass. Simple and effective!

Backsplash idea

March 16, 2018

Another use for our drying rack!

Yet another use for our drying rack -drying paper mache school projects quickly! Thanks for the pic Emma, immaculate cooker 😉

Paper mache drying on Aga range cooker

March 16, 2018

Pressure jet conversion for Aga range cooker

This is a bit technical but super interesting and a potential safety issue if you own a 'pressure jet' conversion. These pics are from a pre-74 'Deluxe' owned by Philippa. It had been converted to a pressure jet system, supplied by a company now defunct, very badly.

Pressurising the oil before it is burnt makes for more efficient combustion but you do get a 'jet' of heat which can cause problems. In this case very serious problems. The barrel has been insulated incorrectly and effectively melted and disintegrated under the jet of heat. This allows combustion gases to escape of course and vermiculite to enter the barrel.

In addition to this potentially disastrous failure the flue of the Aga had been run through the floor above and was in contact with the floorboards and the oil shut off valve had been disconnected. The engineer who found this said it was the worst he had seen but not the first and Philippa and family had a lucky escape.

If you have a pressure jet conversion do ask your engineer to check the barrel on your next service and if you have the slightest concern safety wise on any cooker you should turn it off and seek qualified advice. This cooker was converted back to a standard oil burner but we can also convert to our 'Electrikit' system. Funnily enough we took one of these systems out on Tuesday and converted it to 'Electrikit' after it had proved unreliable. Happily we didn't find any safety issues in that case!

Destroyed barrel of Aga range cooker

Melted barrel from Aga range cooker

March 11, 2018

March 11, 2018

Blue Aga range cooker re-enamelled in... blue!

This is a 'Deluxe' cooker that we re-enamelled this week amongst lot's of other work! It's a pre-74 'Deluxe' - you can tell thanks to the raised 'shelf' behind the lids and the way the towel rail sits 'on' the brackets rather than 'between' them. The job went perfectly until the final moments, see the final picture!

More info above each picture, as ever logo digitally removed as it is a trademark.

This cooker has worked hard over a long and productive life. It's by no means 'old' as Aga range cookers go but perhaps has reached middle age - time for a make over!

Pre-74 Aga range cooker hob

You can see the towel rail brackets clearly in this picture. On pre 74 'Deluxe' cookers the rail sits on these brackets and is secured from underneath by a screw. The streak marks on the front of this cooker are acid damage - see here for how to avoid!

Blue Aga range cooker with streaked front

First we undress the cooker. The top, lids, front and doors have all been removed here and all the insulation sucked out with our enormous vacuum. Note the little bars that are holding the ovens and simmering spot up. There is only 1 at the rear - 3 little bars for all that weight! Amazing.

Aga range cooker internal view

Here is a better view. The 3 bars forma triad to support the ovens above. I never quite think they look man enough but they do the job perfectly while not conducting too much heat down into the base!

Support bars for ovens of Aga range cooker

Ok new shiny front is on and looking lovely. Looks a bit weird without the badge but its there in real life - we can't show it as its a trademark sadly. New vermiculite insulation is in and its ready for the final top blanket of insulation.

Blue front Aga range cooker re-enamelled

And here it is! Note how we build up the rear area so as not to leave an air gap under the hob shelf behind the lids. Its the little things!

Aga range cooker insulation

Newly re-enamelled front needs new door liners, seals and inuslation. Philip has even popped some 'Good Dog!' hob cover/chefs pads on in this pic. Good man!

New door liners on re-enamelled Aga range cooker

Looking very shiny in this pic but there in fact a small problem!

Blue Aga range cooker with dog design hob covers on the lids

Bugger! Around this hob cap the enamel cracked when the hob screw beneath was being tightened up. Philip painted it but lets be honest - it looks awful! Luckily we have an identical hob top in the workshop so Philip will be returning on Tuesday to swap it over. Naturally this is not acceptable. This has happened once to me before and once to Philip - its just one of those things but easily fixable!

Cracked painted enamel on the hob of an Aga range cooker

March 10, 2018

4 oven Aga range cooker with electric conventional module for sale

This is a rare occurrence as we don't do many straight 'sales' but we have a 4 oven cooker with conventional module for sale. The main section was oil fired but it will shortly be converted to 'Electrikit' for sale/installation. Find our more about this system here. The module is a two oven standard conventional module with ceramic hobs above. The cooker will be fully refurbished before delivery and installation, more details below. The cost, including delivery & installation, is £7415 + VAT. If you are not in mainland UK or are in the highlands we may need to negotiate a supplement for the travel! The main cooker is covered by our 2 year parts and labour warranty. The module works perfectly but is not something we can provide a warranty on. The picture shown at the bottom of the post is pre-refurb of course!

I'm sure you have questions so do get in touch if you want to chat about this cooker - always happy to help! To secure the cooker a 50% deposit will be required while we re-enamel and prepare it. I'm afraid it will be first come first served! 

To sum up!

  • Main 2 oven 'traditional' section will be converted to 'Electrikit'. All internal parts will be shot blasted back to 'like new'. The front will be re-enamelled in the colour of your choice and the doors finished with washers, new liners, new seals and high performance insulation. No flue is required but a 'blanked' flue shroud will be supplied behind which the ovens are vented. The hob and lids will be re-enamelled too along with hinge blocks and towel rail brackets. If you prefer the lid rims to match the colour of the front that is fine! The existing towel rail brackets (painted aluminium as factory supplied) will be replaced with proper enamelled cast iron. Also included is a reconditioned adjustable plinth. As long as you have a solid, non combustible, floor like concrete or tiles, we can install directly onto that with no further preparation.
  • The module section is a conventional 2 oven cooker with a fan oven and oven/grill. On top are 4 ceramic hot plates - not induction! The front will be re-enamelled to match the main cooker and the doors re-lined and insulated as with the main cooker. The oven interiors will be deep cleaned following complete dismantling. The only section not enamelled will be the top section around the electric hob. Sadly its not possible. This is in very very good condition though so will complement the main hob perfectly. We'll replace all the knobs for the ovens/hobs with brand new Aga original ones. Again included is a reconditioned adjustable plinth. As long as you have a solid, non combustible, floor like concrete or tiles, we can install directly onto that with no further preparation.

4 oven Aga range cooker with module for sale


March 07, 2018

Our chefs pads and other textiles on a cream Aga range cooker

Thanks to Ian for this pic of his cooker with our chicken design chefs pads, tea towel, velcro towel and oven gloves!

Chicken hob cover textiles on cream Aga range cooker

March 04, 2018

Lancashire farmer revives chilled lambs in his Aga range cooker

Now to be fair this is an age old practice so I'm not sure it counts as 'news' but its a cute story nonetheless!

Lamb in Aga range cooker

March 04, 2018

Give your Aga range cooker a DIY refurb!

"I found your website by chance and after reading some of your reviews placed my order. The service from that point has been faultless. I bought the lid and door renovation/upgrade pack and the cleaning kit. The supplied instructions are clear and simple to follow. The results are fantastic. As mentioned on the website there really is a helpful and friendly voice at the end of the phone. Many thanks" A. Longton

Doing your own Aga range cooker refurbishment project can seem a little daunting but it's actually pretty straightforward when approached with patience and copious supplies of tea! The aims of the kit are threefold.

Firstly, and probably most importantly, we want your cooker to be more efficient. This is achieved primarily via the optional insulation upgrades. The doors and lids in most cookers are insulated with standard rockwool - very similar to that found in your attic! Our replacement packs are pre-cut sections of a bio-soluble (safe!) mineral fibre. It's much more effective at keeping heat in your cooker where it should be! The new seals that we include for both doors and lids will also help efficiency. The door seals will prevent too much cold air being drawn into the ovens (Aga range cooker ovens have a negative air pressure as the flue pulls air from the ovens) and the lid seals prevent heat transfer between the hot hob and the lid itself. This kind of heat transfer bypasses the insulation so is crucial! So how effective is all this work? One of our customers, a Mr Harris, shared his detailed measurements with us.

Improved efficiency feeds into our second aim. This is to make your cooker easier to use and more effective at cooking food than heating your kitchen! Keeping all that heat inside the ovens and in the hotplate will make cooking big meals in particular easier. No more waiting 3 hours for the potatoes to roast after you've cooked the joint!

Our third aim is to make the your cooker look loved and lovely. The replacement door and lid liners are of course brand new so perfectly clean and lovely. The optional non-stick liners are a sleek grey for a slight change of look but they stay looking fantastic for longer and are very easy to clean when they get grubby - a must in my opinion! The cleaning kit included with our refurb kits allows you to get almost any cooker looking lovely again. It takes a little elbow grease and more patience but you'll get there I promise! Combine all this with new door and lid handle washers for the full effect! 

So what skills and equipment do you need to achieve all this?

  • You'll need a variable speed drill. We provide the correct drill bits you'll need.
  • You'll need a screwdriver set that includes a Philips and slotted head driver. 
  • You'll need some soft towels and a vacuum cleaner.
  • On older cookers, pre-1974, you'll likely need a good set of mole grips.

We provide full, step by step, instructions for every task and there is no need to tackle it all at once - start with the lid liners or cleaning by all means and then do the doors at a later date! It's probably 1-3 hours work depending on your familiarity with the tools and the age of your cooker. We are always happy to support you by telephone but do bear in mind we are closed at weekends so if you think you'll need us then leave it till you have a free weekday! 

There are many reviews on the DIY refurb kit page but for many more see the individual products that are 'bundled' with the kit. Do get in touch if you have any questions - we are always happy to chat! 

ps... You may notice then lack of logo/badge on the image below. It has been digitally removed as it is a trademark. 

DIY refurbishment of Aga range cooker


March 04, 2018

A fine mess resolved!

Remember my post from Friday about the problem Aga range cooker? Well yesterday we sorted it. I went along with Philip thinking I'd be there for an hour or two as moral support. 6 hours later and covered in every kind of grime we were done! There is more info on each pic. As ever the logo on the front has been removed digitally as its a trademark.

In this pic you can see pretty much every part of the internals. We've replaced the rear panel with its holes and installed the secondary air pipe below the burner. If you think it all looks a bit wonky then don't worry - we sorted this!'Standard' Aga range cooker disassembled

This pic shows Philip sealing the gasket. The barrel is on the floor. We essentially have rebuilt this cooker from the ground up!

Aga range cooker barrel on floor

This is the secondary air feed pipe that draws cool air from the front of the cooker to mix with the flue gases. It's a second hand one we found for Mr F in our storage unit but perfectly serviceable! The powder you can see bottom right is the remains of the insulation.

Aga range cooker air feed mixer pipe

Ok so front is on, smoke box is attached and oven tunnels are aligned!

Cream Aga range cooker assembly

The finished item! Two days work and completely rebuilt! This cooker was installed in 1944 and has never been moved since. Extraordinary what can be achieved!

Re-enamelled Aga range cooker

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