We've built an extraordinary reputation. We mean to keep it.

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How did we end up here? Our Blake & Bull story

Matthew, Founder of Blake & Bull

"I'm Matthew, welcome! Blake & Bull is my attempt to build the perfect company. Not the biggest, nor the richest. Perfect in the things that matter to me. A company built for the long term, beautiful products, a professional (but jolly!) team. Everything done well. 

A customer buying a pan today may buy a cooker in 10 years. Their children could re-enamel that same cooker 20 years later. We are family owned. We think and plan in generations, not financial quarters. 

Blake & Bull was born in the basement of the bridal business, Britten Weddings, started by my wife, Sarah, and I. We still own and run Britten!

It all started nearly 20 years ago with simple cleaning of Aga range cookers. This gradually was improved into our refurbishment service. Just me and an old Land Rover. Next came our online cookshop, then re-enamelling, conversions and our reimagined Aga range cookers

We're now over 40 people in purpose built offices, a gorgeous showroom, warehouse and workshop. Our fleet of 11 vans zoom around ceaselessly!

To build this and maintain our extraordinary reputation, we've over 21,000 reviews, takes a super professional team with the deep expertise only long serving staff have.

The Living Wage Foundation

A small part of building an experienced team is paying well. We are proud to be an accredited member of the Living Wage Foundation. We pay no one less than a wage independently calculated to cover their everyday needs. 

Blake & Bull is my life's work, I'm unashamedly proud of it. I'd love you to choose us. Whether you need a new washer for a door pin or a whole new 4 oven cooker you'll get the same service. Thanks for dropping in!" 



The reconditioned Aga range cooker showroom at Blake & Bull