How much does it cost to re-enamel Aga range cookers?


While we don't have a fixed price list, there is too much variability between jobs!, we can give you a rough idea of the costs. We provide detailed quotes for all work, see here for more information.

All the prices listed below include re-enamelling in the colours of your choice, replacement chrome parts, complete lids, re-insulating and re-lining the doors, re-insulating internally and many other sundries. Side panels are optional as they are often hidden by kitchen units! In sum you'll have what looks like a new cooker with all it's history intact and that is more efficient too!

Price list for re-enamelling all models of Aga range cookers produced between 1941 and present day...

  • Complete (hob, lids, front & doors) re-enamel of 2 oven cookers in any colour approx £2860 + VAT {order your colour samples}.
  • Complete (hob, lids, front & doors) re-enamel of 4 oven cookers in any colour approx £3760 + VAT {order your colour samples}.
  • Optional side panels in colour of your choice £134 + VAT.
  • Note... Sometimes we can re-enamel the hob & lids or front & doors alone (combining this with deep cleaning enamel not re-enamelled). This costs approx £700 less than the figure listed above for a 2 oven and approx £900 less for a 4 oven if available. Do give us a ring for a chat if this is your preferred option!


    Find out more on our 'Aga range cooker re-enamelling & refurbishing services' homepage.


    Price list for re-enamelling Aga range cookers