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Prices to re-enamel Aga range cookers with Blake & Bull® | How much does it cost?

Blake & Bull Aga range cooker total re-enamelling prices are fixed and include everything needed to make your cooker look and feel like new. Re-enamelling is often combined with converting to electric. Save £1000 on the combined cost when booked together. We only have to attend, dismantle and rebuild once!

Prices to re-enamel Aga range cookers

Deluxe models (from 1956)

  • 2 oven cookers £3280 + VAT
  • 3 oven cookers £3480 + VAT
  • 4 oven cookers £4380 + VAT
  • Conventional module or companion £1080 + VAT
  • Module hob & new glass {if possible} £1680 + VAT {approx}
  • Boiler cupboard fronts £1080 + VAT {deluxe, subject to availability}

Standard models (1941-1956) - Re-enamelling for standard model Aga cookers is only available in conjunction with electric conversion at additional cost (see conversion price list)

  • 2 oven cookers £3580 + VAT {full enamelled lids}
  • 4 oven cookers £4780 + VAT {full enamelled lids}
  • Split enamel & chrome lid upgrade £575 + VAT

Prices include

  • Fully refurbished and re-enamelled hob top sections, hinges and towel rail brackets.
  • Fully refurbished & re-enamelled lids including new chrome tops, spring handles & upgraded modern insulation {post '95 domes are additional | split chromes additional on a heritage model}
  • Interior insulation works including upgraded 'top blanket' in high performance modern fibre.
  • Fully refurbished & re-enamelled doors including door liners, seals, washers & upgraded modern insulation.
  • Fully refurbished and re-enamelled front section in the colour of your choice. Order colour samples.
  • Replacement warming plate in sleek and super hard wearing anodised aluminium.
  • New shiny oven tunnels. This is the bridging section between the front and the oven cavities.
  • Replacement thermometer (decorative only since mercury was banned)
  • All new fixtures & fittings right down to the hob caps, lid grub screws & much more.
  • Side panels are installed in classic black as standard to match the hob {25 colours are available on request as extra}.

Prices for re-enamelling Aga range cooker