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A love letter to the Aga range cooker

That's Blake & Bull. Our independent shop has everything you'll need for your cooker. From our legendary airers, life changing 'fits on runners' oven trays and unique kitchen scents.

Our engineering teams are of course out again installing Blake & Bull 'eCOOK' reconditioned Aga range cookers and converting, re-enamelling (or both) existing cookers in a single day on site.

If you have questions do get in touch. Sue and her team are in charge of customer happiness but we all chip in if it gets a bit technical or complex!

We are jolly professionals

We expect a lot but have a lot of fun along the way! Every full time team member we have ever hired is still here, really! Blake & Bull is built on this deep well of expertise. It's why we design such amazing products and make so many people happy!

Accessories for use with Aga Range Cookers

We LOVE what we do, are obsessive about making every customer happy and have the reviews to prove it.

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