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Recipes for Aga Range Cookers

An adaptable recipe and a crowd pleaser too! I have fond memories of kebabs as a kid, loading up my pitta close to bursting! It was even my chosen dish at my 6th birthday party.

Antonia has put this recipe together for you, as it is a firm family favourite in her home too!

A warming recipe that is quick to prepare, and will happily cook in your simmering oven whilst you do the kids homework with them, and be ready when you are all done. A perfect weekday one pot supper!
This is a simple but delicious recipe, via Sarah Whitaker, in honour of Her Majesty's The Queen Diamond Jubilee. By law you are required to sing the national anthem while serving it but thankfully enforcement is tricky for the Police*. The instructions are specifically for Aga range cookers. Make it then eat it; don't freeze!