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Aga conversion prices by Blake & Bull®

Electric conversion is almost always combined with a deep clean and upgrade or a re-enamelling. Save £1000 on the combined cost when conversion and re-enamelling are booked together. We only have to attend, dismantle and rebuild once! Choose from 65 colours.
Aga conversion prices
Electrickit eControl
2 oven £3798 inc VAT £4198 inc VAT
3 oven £4298 inc VAT £4898 inc VAT
4 oven £4248 inc VAT £4998 inc VAT
5 oven n/a £5640 inc VAT
Blake & Bull Warranty | 5 year parts & labour
2 oven £595 inc VAT £595 inc VAT
3 oven £795 inc VAT £795 inc VAT
4 oven £795 inc VAT £795 inc VAT
5 oven n/a £895 inc VAT
1.6kWh induction hob £120 inc VAT n/a
3kWh induction hob £249 inc VAT n/a
Ceramic hob n/a £395 inc VAT
In oven hotplate n/a £295 inc VAT

Prices include

  • Supply and installation of the electric system best suited to your cooker and lifestyle, whether eControl or Electrickit. We'll help you choose
  • 2 year manufacturer parts warranty (Electrickit) or 1 year manufacturer parts and labour + 4 more years parts cover (eControl). If you'd like to add a 5 year parts & labour warranty from Blake & Bull the prices are listed above.
  • Asbestos safe* dismantling and responsible removal and recycling of materials.  
  • Our exclusive 'Quick Start Guide' and unlimited advice from our friendly team whenever you need it.

* Asbestos is normally present in small quantities. We have the training and specialised equipment needed to prevent contamination. If we find larger quantities, which is terribly rare, we will work with you to find a solution.

How much does it cost to convert an Aga cooker to electricity?